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Legal insurance for businesses and farms

Juripro – Legal insurance for businesses and farms provides financial aid to help you find a friendly or legal solution to resolve several types of disputes over the management or operations of your business.

  • Legal action pertaining to trade practices and competition
  • Disputes concerning providers of goods and services
  • Litigation related to commercial leases and ownership of locations and main places of business
  • Individual workplace conflicts between the business and one of its employees


You can also add supplemental Juripro – Private coverage, a low-cost solution for day-to-day conflicts in your personal life1.

Let’s say...

Juripro [Individual] [Business]

Juripro covers litigation related to the administration of your business.

To defend yourself in disputes concerning the Consumer Protection Act, occupational health and safety laws, youth protection, trade practices, competition, and companies.

Juripro covers litigation related to your business operations

For legal matters pertaining to commercial transactions with a supplier of goods and services and to defend you in the event of a dispute about any other commercial transaction.

Juripro covers disputes concerning locations and main places of business

For events involving the commercial lease of a location of the insured business or a building it owns if these events are included in the Summary of Coverage, and main places of business owned or operated by the farm if those locations are covered by your insurance policy.

Juripro covers litigation related to individual workplace conflicts

For disputes between the insured business and one of its employees, in his or her capacity as a salaried worker (except situations arising from union activities).

This is a non-exhaustive list of the coverage offered by Juripro. Some conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply. For complete details and restrictions, please refer to the comprehensive form and your insurance policy.

Note that this coverage is included with the improved version of Juripro on policies renewed or acquired after March 1, 2016.

In the event of a discrepancy between the information, terms and conditions, restrictions, and exclusions presented on this site and those contained in your insurance policy, the provisions of your insurance policy take precedence.

1 Refer to the Juripro – Personal legal insurance section for details on additional coverage available to insureds. Juripro personal protection excludes all professional, volunteer, or commercial activities.