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Legal claims

Juripro – Legal insurance for individuals

Legal insurance provides you with a certain amount of financial aid to cover expenses you may incur defending your rights and being represented in court (e.g., expert opinions, legal fees, court fees) in a variety of everyday conflicts.

Juripro legal insurance can be added to your home insurance policy for a nominal fee.

Let’s say...

JURIPRO [Individual] [Business]

You discover a serious defect in a building you've just purchased

Juripro covers litigation resulting from the purchase or sale of goods and services.

Latent defect (new!)

A defect in something sold, not detectable upon thorough examination, that makes it unfit for the originally intended use.

Fraud (if you're the victim)

Fraud is a dishonest act meant to mislead someone, in violation of law or regulation.

Consideration (in contracts)

Consideration is anything that is provided in exchange for something else (e.g., a service) under a contract.

Unlawful sale or rental

That which is legally or morally prohibited.

False advertising

An advertisement that includes false or misleading allegations, statements, or claims.

You slip on a poorly shovelled walkway and suffer an injury

Juripro covers litigation resulting from bodily harm or property damage

So you can pursue legal action for harm caused by a third party or defend yourself against legal action for damage caused to a third party.

Your neighbour accuses you of encroaching on his land

Juripro covers litigation related to your home and property

So you can initiate legal action for damage incurred as a result of a dispute over your lease, primary or secondary residence, tenants, boundaries, eminent domain, or neighbourhood disturbances.

You need to appeal a decision by cnesst

Juripro covers litigation related to income security

So you can contest decisions on public or private pension plan benefits intended as income replacement.

You separate from your spouse

Juripro provides additional assistance for family mediation

If you have a dependent, it will cover legal fees and expenses for an accredited mediator above and beyond any sessions already covered by Québec’s Ministry of Justice for separation, divorce, dissolving a civil union, and custody decisions.

You believe you are a victim of wrongful dismissal

Juripro covers situations of conflict between you and your employer (labour rights)

So you can resolve individual workplace conflicts (excluding disagreements over professional or union activities and situations covered by the Act respecting labour standards).

Someone clones your credit card

NEW! Juripro protects you against identity theft

So you can get advice and take steps to keep your identity from being used fraudulently or to restore it.

Your family needs help settling your estate

Juripro covers expert advice and legal services for estates and individual interests

So your family can settle your estate or verify your will, or you can prepare a mandate of incapacity or appoint a legal guardian for yourself.

You need to go to small claims court

NEW! Juripro helps you with small claims

So you can get help preparing your case and covering the cost of enforcing a decision in your favour.

You have to testify as part of a coroner’s inquest

Juripro covers fees incurred in a coroner’s inquest

So you can be represented as an interested party in a public coroner’s inquest.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the coverage offered by Juripro. Some conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply. For complete details and restrictions, please refer to the comprehensive form and your insurance policy.

Note that this coverage is included with the improved version of Juripro on policies renewed or acquired after March 1, 2016. Juripro is only available to Québec residents.

In the event of a discrepancy between the information, terms and conditions, restrictions, and exclusions presented on this site and those contained in your insurance policy, the provisions of your insurance policy take precedence.