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Promutuel Insurance is Québec’s #1 farm insurance provider. With us there’s no babble, no gimmicks! We offer solid protection for your buildings, equipment, animals, crops, greenhouses, products, and much more. All at an outstanding value. Ask for a farm insurance quote today.

Winning combinations

Winning combinations
Savings are possible by combining farm, business, auto and home insurances.

Rabais fidelité

Loyalty discount
The longer you stay insured with Promutuel Insurance, the more you save.

Electrical surveillance discount

Electrical surveillance discount
Save if you have a Prevtech, Maximus or FarmGuard system for detecting electrical problems at your business.

Rabais prévention électrique

Electric prevention discount
Save money if you have a preventive maintenance program for electrical equipment performed by a master electrician.

Basic coverage

Third party liability

Essential for dealing with unintentional damage to other parties.

Coverage for your personal property and farm assets

  • Animals
  • Farm buildings and equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Farm products and inputs
  • Residence and personal property
  • Farm income
Additional coverage

À la carte or packaged coverage to supplement your basic policy.

Promutuel Insurance recommends Farm Perspective, an exclusive policy offering the best protection against most unforeseen events.

Cyber insurance

Protect your business against cyber risks

Promutuel Insurance now includes coverage to help protect you against cybersecurity risks related to running your business.


Promutuel Insurance legal insurance

When you add Juripro to your farm insurance policy, you’ll get the legal and financial assistance you need to resolve a wide variety of legal disputes.


Promutuel Insurance’s free practical and legal assistance service

Promutuel Insurance provides its insured persons with a free telephone assistance program that includes legal assistance and help with identity theft. Lawyers will answer your questions and explain your rights in plain language. Learn more here about Beacon.

Buildings, machinery, and equipment:

The collapse of a farm building can have serious consequences. Discover simple measures to prevent damage. For machinery and equipment, the manufacturer’s protective devices must not be removed.

Hay bales:

Many fires are started as a result of the spontaneous combustion of stored hay. Before storage, keep the humidity level of the hay at a minimum. Moist hay ferments, elevating its temperature. This may cause it to spontaneously combust in the presence of oxygen.

Light bulbs:

These should be protected by marine-type glass covers whenever they are located in an area containing grain or hay dust. This includes haylofts, rooms adjoining silos, the bases of silos, feed sheds, wood-shaving sheds, mills, etc.

Electrical work:

For both new construction and renovations, the Building Act requires the work to be carried out by professional members of Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec (CMEQ).

Hot Work and Fire Hazards

Hot work carries a very high fire risk. Learn more about this common cause of fire on Québec farms—and the precautionary measures to put in place to prevent considerable damage.

Ferme maraîchère

We insure vegetable farms!

A few examples: third party liability for pollution, product recall, replacement value for farm equipment and much more!
Assurance Érablière

We insure maple groves!

A few examples: replacement value on your sugar shack, maple products, power lines and much more!


Discover all of our insurance products... because the more property you insure with Promutuel Insurance, the greater the benefits you’ll enjoy!

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