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Farm insurance

There to look after your agricultural business
Promutuel Insurance is the first farm insurer in Quebec for good reason. Our mutual was founded here, over 170 years ago, to protect local producers and help them grow.
Promutuel Insurance is the first farm insurer in Quebec for good reason. Our mutual was founded here, over 170 years ago, to protect local producers and help them grow.

Protect your farm business with the most recommended consumer insurer

Our history is closely linked to that of the agricultural industry. If Promutuel stands out in farm insurance in Québec, it’s thanks to the trust that you’ve placed in us for a long time, and to the mutual assistance and mutuality that characterize our ties. We know all about the regional issues of running a farm. 

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Coverages adapted to your reality

Experts familiar with the regional context

A local player who is involved with you

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to save you money

Promutuel Assurance offers a host of advantageous discounts to protect your agricultural business, tailored to your needs, your business sector and your reality.  




Winning combinations

Winning combinations

Combine your farm, auto and home insurance and save!

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Electrical surveillance discount

Electrical surveillance discount

Save money if your farm or smallholding is equipped with an electrical fault detection system (Edge, FarmGuard, Maximus or Prevtech).

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Loyalty discount

Loyalty discount

The longer you stay insured with Promutuel Assurance, the more you save!

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Parasite control discount

Parasite control discount

Do you entrust parasite control to a specialized company? You could save!

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Discover the different coverages in farm insurance

Recommended coverages

Here are some coverages that together form a solid foundation for insuring your farm business. To protect what you’ve built, it’s essential!

Third party liability

It's essential in order to deal with damage unintentionally caused to other people.

Insurance of your personal and operational property

  • Animals
  • Farm buildings and equipment
  • Farm machinery
  • Farm products and inputs
  • Home and personal property
  • Operating income

Equipment breakage

With Promutuel Assurance, you automatically benefit from equipment breakage coverage, regardless of the level of the chosen coverage!

Cyber insurance

The Promutuel Assurance offer automatically includes Insurance of costs in case of personal data breach, coverage against risks related to the confidentiality of the personal information of your customers, employees and partners. If your cyber security stakes are high, more extensive cyber insurance coverage is available.

Practical coverages

These "à la carte" coverages are in addition to your basic coverage.


By adding Promutuel Insurance's legal insurance coverage to your farm insurance policy at a low cost, you may benefit from financial compensation in order to resolve a wide range of disputes.

Farm perspective

A product exclusive to Promutuel Assurance: 29 additional coverages to your basic farm insurance policy.

Cyber risk insurance

More extensive coverage and options to protect your farm or smallholding from cyber security issues.

Farm insurance tailored to your business sector

At Promutuel Assurance, because we know your business sector perfectly, we protect you against the specific risks to which you are exposed. Our innovative and robust tailor-made solutions cover all of your needs.

A host of tips for protecting your agricultural business

Our specialists share with you their knowledge, tips and tricks to support you in your daily life as a farmer. Useful articles that will help you to choose the right coverages for your farm. Happy reading!

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