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Whether you own a scooter for leisure or to be environmentally friendly, Promutuel Insurance provides quality motorcycle insurance, at a great price, that you can adjust to suit your needs. Thousands of drivers in Québec trust Promutuel Insurance for their recreational vehicle insurance needs because they know they can count on us. Ask for a scooter insurance quote today.

Winning Combinaitions

Winning Combinaitions
Insure your scooter, car, and house and save up to 10%.

Multi-vehicle Discount

Multi-vehicle Discount
Bundle you car, motorcycle, scooter, ATV, snowmobile, and/or RV insurance coverage with Promutuel Insurance and receive a discount on each vehicle!

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A scooter is a two- or three-wheel passenger vehicle with a maximum speed of 70km/h. It is equipped with an electric motor or a gasoline-powered engine with a cylinder capacity of no more than 50cc and an automatic transmission. (Source: definition from SAAQ.)

To operate a scooter, drivers must be at least 14 years old and possess a Class 6D licence. Note: drivers with other licence classes can drive a scooter. For more information, contact SAAQ.


Third party liability: mandatory for all drivers (Chapter A)
In Québec, everyone who owns a motor vehicle is required to purchase third party liability coverage from an insurer. You will be covered if your scooter causes damages to another person.

Insurance for damage to your vehicle: for your scooter (Chapter B)

There are three types of protection available:

  1. Comprehensive : covers damage to your scooter and its equipment and accessories from all types of risk.
  2. Perils other than collision or upset : covers damage to your motorcycle caused by specified perils, namely theft, fire, hail, or a broken window.
  3. Specified perils : covers damage to your motorcycle for specified perils mentioned in the policy. This coverage is more restrictive.
Prevention and

When you leave your scooter

  • Park it in a busy, well-lit area, and if possible, within sight.
  • Always store your vehicle in a safe, locked area.
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