Bannière certificat assurance numérique

Digital insurance certificates

What is a digital car insurance certificate?

It’s the electronic version of the liability insurance certificate for your motor vehicle. You can access the certificate from your mobile device to prove you carry the insurance required by law. It’s always at your fingertips, whenever you need it!

How does it work?

The digital version of your car insurance certificate is valid for travel in Québec, some other Canadian provinces, and some U.S. states.

You are responsible for ensuring that digital proof of insurance is accepted when travelling outside Québec.

Why use it?

Under the Automobile Insurance Act and the Highway Safety Code you are required to have car insurance and provide proof of your insurance to police in the event of an accident or arrest. With the new digital insurance certificate, you will always have the proof you need. It’s also a great alternative if you lose your paper copy.

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Get your policy changes and updates in real time! No more waiting for the paper copy to arrive by mail.


Share your digital certificate with temporary drivers via your mobile device.


Never get caught without proof of insurance—losing the paper copy is no big deal!

IMPORTANT – Always keep a paper copy in your car. Your phone’s battery could die or you could travel to a province that doesn’t accept digital certificates.

Load your digital car insurance certificate today!

4 easy steps

  1. Go to Client Space

    Create an account if you haven’t signed up yet.

  2. Click on the car insurance policy you want to view for more details.

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  3. Select “Install on mobile” in the “Documents to view” or “Available documents” section for your car insurance. Follow the instructions.

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  4. Follow the installation instructions for your Apple or Android device.

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On Apple devices, use the Wallet app to access your digital Promutuel Insurance certificate..

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On Android devices, use WalletPasses to access your digital Promutuel Insurance certificate (you must download the app first).

Questions? Visit our FAQ!