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Whether you own a single-family home, a townhouse or a semi-detached house, Promutuel Insurance offers you quality home insurance, adapted to your needs and at a competitive price. If thousands of Québec home-owners trust Promutuel Insurance for their house insurance, it’s because they can count on us. Ask for a home insurance quote today.

Winning combinations

Winning combinations
By insuring your auto and your home, you save up to 10% and obtain free coverages.

Multiple Residence discount

Multiple Residence discount
You have several homes to insure? Apartment, condo, second home… Benefit from discounts for each additional residence.

Alarm system discount

Alarm system discount
Save up to 15% according to the type of alarm system installed in your home.

Mortgage free discount

Mortgage free discount
If you have finished paying off your mortgage and you have not borrowed against your home, save up on your insurance premium.

Leak detection system

Leak detection system discount
Get up to 10% off your home insurance if you have a leak detection system.

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Beacon - Legal Assistance

Promutuel Insurance provides its insureds with a free legal and identity theft assistance service. Attorneys help you understand your rights under the law and specialists are on hand to advise you if you are a victim of identity theft. Click here for more details.


Promutuel Insurance legal insurance offers support and a refund of legal fees in case of litigation. Juripro is added to your home insurance policy at a low cost. Click here for more details.


Having a leak detection system is an important way to prevent losses. Promutuel Insurance rewards insured members who have one with big savings on their home insurance. Click here for more details.

Client Space Promutuel Insurance

Client Space is designed to make your life easier. It’s convenient, secure, always available, and keeps all your insurance documents together in a single, easy-to-access place. Click here for more details.

Bike coverage

With Promutuel Insurance, your primary and secondary home insurance includes generous coverage to protect your bike against fire, theft, and vandalism. The coverage is also valid for transportation in a vehicle or on a bike rack and in the event of a collision with a car or another bike. Click here for more information.

Promutuel Insurance - Home


Basic coverage

Third party liability insurance for unexpected situations
Third party liability insurance covers bodily harm or property damage caused unintentionally to another person.

Property insurance to protect your residence and its content
This insurance protects your residence, its outbuildings and your personal property against most types of damage: fire, theft, vandalism or certain kinds of water damage.


Customize your home insurance to fit your needs. Among the most popular additional coverages…

Water damage above foundations
Covers damage caused by rain or snow seepage from roofs, walls, doors and windows.

Water damage to foundations and sewer back-up
Covers damage caused by seepage in the basement or sewer back-up.

Above-ground pool
Covers certain types of damage caused by frost and heavy ice and snow.


Hot water heater :
Install a catch basin under your hot water heater and direct the overflow pipe into the sanitary drain. Check on the condition of your hot water heater regularly and plan to replace it every 10 years.

Wood heating :
Units must always be installed by a professional. Consult your municipal fire protection service or your insurer’s inspection service to make sure your setup is in compliance with current standards.

Downspouts :
Point downspouts away from the foundation at ground level to prevent water from accumulating and seeping into the home.

Sump pump :
Periodically check on the operation of your sump pump. Consider installing backup battery power to use in case of a power outage.

Your sports equipment is valuable. We have some great tips for minimizing the risk of bike theft. Click here to learn more.

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Discover all of our insurance products—because the more property you insure with Promutuel Insurance, the greater the benefits you’ll enjoy!

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