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We've been insuring people in Victoriaville and Asbestos for so long, we know your needs better than anyone. That's why we can offer you the best home, car, business or farm coverage for your budget. Welcome to Promutuel Insurance, your home away from home!

Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs

Notice of appointment - Marc-André Dallaire

The Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc-André Dallaire as general manager. In his new position, Mr. Dallaire will play a key role in helping to advance the mutual insurance association and position it favourably in a highly competitive market. He will help raise Promutuel Insurance’s profile in the local community and with business and industry stakeholders.

Mr. Dallaire holds two bachelor’s degrees, in actuarial science and business administration, and has over 24 years of experience in the field of damage insurance. He is recognized as a manager who knows how to rally people behind a common objective. There is no doubt that his attention to detail, collaborative approach, and recognized expertise in both management and operations will be major assets for the mutual insurance association in developing and achieving its goals.

We wish him a warm welcome and great success in this new challenge!

2021 Virtual annual meeting

To comply with current health regulations, the Promutuel Assurance Bois-Francs annual meeting of members (the “meeting") will be held at 6:30 p.m. on June 8 in virtual format only and broadcast live.

Any member, regardless of where they are, will be able to attend, vote, and submit written questions using the virtual platform if they so wish. Insured members who want to participate must register by contacting the Mutual at 819 752-5000, ext. 0, or by email at [email protected] no later than June 3. Click here to view the meeting notice (french only).

2021 Annual Meeting

The next member's annual meeting of your mutual will be held in the next few weeks in virtual mode only. The meeting notice will be published here shortly. Stay tuned!


We are very pleased to announce that Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs president Suzanne Mailhot has been named president of the SOCODEVI (Société de coopération pour le développement international) board.

The appointment, which will be made official at a SOCODEVI meeting in November, reflects her deep commitment to SOCODEVI’s mission.

We are proud to work alongside individuals who are dedicated to improving the daily lives of people in need.

Congratulations Ms. Mailhot, and best of luck in your new role

THERE to give back to our community

Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs is proud to support Fondation CLSC Suzor-Coté. Our goal was to raise $5,000 to help fund 10 oxygen concentrators for public loan. We not only reached that goal, we exceeded it! The amount raised will be used to help the people of our community.

English translation unavailable for Nouvelle - Bois-Francs - LÀ, pour la Fondation du CLSC Suzor-Côté .

Annual General Meeting

Insured members of Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs are invited on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. to the Hôtel Le Victorin – Centre des congrès. A brunch will be served after the meeting. Insured members, please RSVP by March 13, 2019, to our receptionist, by email at [email protected] or by phone call at 819 752-5000, extension 0 or 1 800 463-3829, extension 0.

In case of cancellation, the meeting will be rescheduled for Monday March 25, 2019, at 7:30 p.m. and same location. We hope to see many of you there! Please consult the meeting notice (french only).

English translation unavailable for Nouvelle - Bois-Francs - Gagnante du concours « Là à la journée INPACQ Acéricole ».


The board of directors of Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs is pleased to announce the appointment of Suzan Francoeur as general manager. Ms. Francoeur has worked in the insurance industry for over twenty years. She has held various positions in sales, governance, and customer experience with leading insurers. Welcome!

Winners of the “Take a Payment Holiday for 1 Year” contest

Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs is proud to announce the winners of its “Take a Payment Holiday for 1 Year” contest: Mr. Alain Caron and Ms. Danielle Giguère of Victoriaville. Congratulations!

They became eligible for the contest after completing an online survey between March 15, 2017, and February 15, 2018, following a claim settlement.

Ms. Danielle Giguère and Mr. Alain Caron, who are insured by Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs, have each won a one-year home insurance payment holiday. Here they are with Ms. Christine Hubert, Claims Director.

Two insured members inducted into the Agriculture Hall of Fame

We are delighted to acknowledge two inspirational leaders, Robert Lefebvre and Claude Pépin, insured members with Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs, who have been inducted into the Agriculture Hall of Fame. Their dedication, perseverance, and excellence have been a tremendous asset to agriculture in Québec. Bravo for your leadership and commitment! The region is proud of everything you have done for the farming industry. Your recognition is well deserved.

The Board thanks Claude Normand

At the AGM on March 25, 2018, board chair Suzanne L. Mailhot and the Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs directors expressed their gratitude to former board member Claude Normand. Claude spent 19 years working for the good of the Mutual, including five as vice-chair of the board of directors. He was presented with a plaque and a basket of maple products.

Annual General Meeting

Insured members of Promutuel Assurance Bois-Francs are invited on Sunday, March 25 at 10:00 a.m., to the Hôtel Le Victorin – Centre des congrès. A brunch will be served after the meeting. Insured members, please RSVP by March 14, 2018, to our receptionist, by email at [email protected] or by phone call at 819 752-5000, extension 0 or 1 800 463-3829, extension 0.

We hope to see many of you there! Please consult the meeting notice (french only).

Support for Répit Jeunesse

In 2017, general manager Raymond Beaudet and director of sales and business development Pauline Durand from Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs were named as honorary co-presidents of Répit Jeunesse.

The organization helps troubled and homeless youth age 12 to 30 by supporting and guiding them on their way to becoming self-sufficient, socially engaged individuals. Promutuel employees also raised $2,500 for the cause by donating $2 each week to wear jeans for Casual Fridays.

Répit Jeunesse president Patrick Girard extended his heartfelt thanks to the Promutuel team, saying “Thank you so much for thinking of others and for your generous support!”

The wait is over. Online contracts are here!

No more paper policies! With the brand new online service from Promutuel Insurance, you can now get your insurance policies and certificates electronically. How? Simply by signing up for Online Policies in your Client Space !

This online service is sure to please. What’s more, by signing up for an Online Policy, you could win a $5,000 travel credit for your dream destination or one of twelve luxury suitcases!

To learn more about all the benefits of your Client Space, click here.

A Lucky Winner in the “Take a Payment Holiday for 1 Year” Contest

Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs is pleased to announce the winner of its “Take a Payment Holiday for 1 Year” contest, Victoriaville’s Annie Arsenault.

To qualify, we invite our insured members to complete a customer satisfaction survey after a claim is settled. A winner is declared each year from among our members who complete the survey.


Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs is pleased to announce the winner of the “On vous prédit un beau prix!” contest held during the 2015 Holstein Quebec picnic at Fleury et fils farms in Victoriaville on July 10.

Congratulations to Marc Coursol of Ferme-Neuve, winner of the home theatre! His name was selected in a random draw the week following the picnic.

Congratulations to the winner of our “Take a Payment Holiday for 1 Year!” contest

Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs is pleased to announce the winner of its “Take a Payment Holiday for 1 Year” contest. Johanne Provencher has won the payments on her vehicle premium. Congratulations!

To help us continually improve our services, we ask our insured members to fill out a satisfaction survey after they make a claim. Every year, we hold a draw from among the respondents.

Winner of a home theater

Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs was at Salon de l'habitation Kinsmen, held March 13 to 15. During this event, we held a contest and collected entries from visitors. Congratulations to Christian Lecours of Victoriaville, our proud winner of a home theater!


Assemblée générale annuelle 2015

At its annual general meeting on March 8, Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs unveiled positive results for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2014. Growth is the name of the game here and our future has never looked more promising!
For more details, see the press release (in French only) on this topic.

Annual General Meeting

Assemblée générale annuelle - Promutuel Assurance Bois-Francs

Insured-members of Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs are invited to join us at Victorin at 10:00 a.m on March 8. We hope to see many of you there! To read the meeting notice, click on the following link:

Meeting notice (french only)

Solidarity for the Relay for Life

Sometimes it takes a diagnosis for people to realize how important health is. That’s what motivated the entire team at Promutuel Assurance Bois-Francs to participate in “jeans Friday” by giving $2 each week. On May 26, Raymond Beaudet, General Manger, remitted a cheque for $2,092 to Annick Bergeron, of the Relay for Life. They were joined by a few employees who proudly participated in the fundraising campaign.

Winner of the Join your AGM! contest

Winner of the Join your AGM! contest - Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs

Mr. Roger Béliveau of Warwick is the lucky winner of our Join Your AGM! Contest, held on March 16. The photo shows Mr. Béliveau receiving his prize, a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy tablet and case, from Ms. Suzanne L. Mailhot, Chair of the Board of Directors of Promutuel Assurance Bois-Francs, and Mr. Raymond Beaudet, General Manager.

Winner of the Take a payment holiday for 1 year contest

Winner of the Take a payment holiday for 1 year contest - Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs

Ms. Jeannine Hinse is the winner of our Take a Payment Holiday for 1 Year Contest. She wins a payment holiday for her car insurance premium. In the photo: Ms. Hinse, Mr. Raymond Beaudet, General Manager of Promutuel Assurance Bois-Francs, and Ms. Christine Hubert, Director of Claims.

$250,000 sponsorship over 10 years

New sports complex becomes the Complexe multisport Promutuel Insurance

This partnership between the Commission scolaire des Bois-Francs, the City of Victoriaville, the CEGEP and Promutuel Bois-Francs will highlight our shared values: promoting the development of young students through sport, increasing population retention and attracting new residents. This project shows how partnerships can meet the individual needs of stakeholders and provide benefits for all.

Easy access to discounts

Promutuel Bois-Francs, proud partner of Victoriaville Habitation Durable

Promutuel Bois-Francs is now a proud partner of Victoriaville’s sustainable living project. This environmentally friendly and energy-efficient construction and renovation initiative allows insurance customers with a 3-, 4- or 5-star rating to get an extra 10% off their home insurance and 5% off their passenger vehicle insurance. 


Suzanne L. Mailhot
President of the executive committee
François St-Cyr
Vice-president of the board and executive committee
President of the audit committee
Réginald Paquette
2nd vice-president of the board and Member of executive committee
Ethics committee President
Jean-Guy Blanchette
Member of the audit committee
Mona Gauthier
Member of the ethics committee
Thérèse Vincent
Member of the audit committee
Natasha Canin
Member of the ethics committee

Management team

Marc-André Dallaire
General Manager
Pauline Durand, PAA
Operations manager - Business and agricultural insurance and brokerage
Simon Genest
Indemnification manager
Justin Lemay
Financial and administration manager
Mariève Maréchal
Interim Operations Manager - Personal insurance

Our other insurance products

In addition to car insurance, home insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, business insurance and farm insurance, Promutuel Insurance offers a range of complementary products designed to meet insured-members’ needs.

Use the menu to the right to discover our other insurance products.

Life and health insurance

Thanks to a network of financial security advisors, Promutuel offers its insured members access to a wide range of life and health insurance products.

 Produit Assurance de personne - Promutuel Assurance

  • Permanent life insurance
  • Permanent life insurance without medical examination
  • Temporary life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Travel insurance

For information : 1 800 510-4630, extension 2322.

*The financial security advisors are affiliated with Promutuel Insurance 
Boréale and sell products from a number of life insurance providers.

2020 Annual report

Our core mutualist values helped us navigate the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. They sustained our desire to help our neighbours and communities and provide superior service to our insured members.

There is no doubt that the pandemic had a big impact on our results, but we are deeply proud that they also reflect our professionalism and drive. Please consult our annual report for more information.

2019 annual report

We worked hard in 2019 to make your mutual insurance association even more resilient and ensure continued growth in the face of industry-wide upheavals so that we could continue to be a proud mutual insurer in your community.

We invite you to read our annual report to see what we achieved in 2019 (French only).

2018 Annual Report

Throughout its history, Promutuel Insurance has always viewed change as an opportunity for growth, finding ways to adapt without ever losing sight of its core mission as a mutual insurance association. In 2018, we used that strength to keep moving forward and standing out from the competition in an industry that’s rapidly evolving.

To see the results, we invite you to take a look at our annual report.

2017 Annual Report

The purpose of insurance is to protect our most precious possessions and provide peace of mind. The numerous claims filed in 2017 were a stark reminder of our first and fundamental role as an insurer: being there for our insured members when they need us.

We encourage you to read our annual report for a look at last year’s highlights and financial results.


In 2016 we continued our efforts to provide an unparalleled client experience, in particular by increasing our digital presence and agility. Leveraging our clear vision and proven ability to adapt, we were able to succeed in a highly competitive landscape.

We invite you to consult our annual report, which summarizes our highlights and financial results from the past year.


The year 2015 was brimming with rich and promising projects, which inspired us to step up our efforts today to confidently build a brilliant future for our organization. We invite you to consult your mutual insurance association’s annual report for its 2015 results.

2014 Annual Report

A lot of positive changes occurred in 2014, which bodes well for the future of our organization. This annual report provides a summary of our projects and results from the past year.

2013 Annual Report

2013 will have unquestionably been a year of great achievements. We completed many projects and we have the impression that Promutuel is undergoing a renaissance, bringing greater success for the future. To learn more, refer to your Mutual company’s 2013 annual report (available in French only).

Territoire Promutuel Assurance Bois-Francs

About us

The roots of Promutuel Bois-Francs date back to 1899, when Mr. François-Xavier Desrochers founded the Fire Insurance Mutual Company of the Saint-Médard de Warwick parish. Some 40 years later, this parish mutual merged with the Mutual of Arthabaska and other mutuals to form the Fire Insurance Mutual Company of Arthabaska county. They would undergo several name changes over the years in order to conform to the restructuring of the insurance law and the resulting broadening of their mandate.

In 1978, the Mutual purchased land on a main road in Warwick in order to construct its head office. In 2008, the Mutual Association constructed a new building in Victoriaville to promote the development of the municipality. A few years later, it moved its Head Office to this location and closed its office in Warwick.

Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs in number:

  • 19.878 insured members who place their trust in us
  • A total of $32,634,000 in written premiums
  • $19,334,000 paid in out in claims in 2020
  • $14,320,000 in members’ equity

Survey for our insured-members who have filed a claim

We have introduced a survey for insured-members who have filed a claim with Promutuel Insurance to give us feedback on the service they received. This survey will also enable us to improve the service we deliver to our insured-members.

The survey can be found online at and access is restricted to insured-members who have received a PIN. Not all insured-members who file a claim will systematically receive a PIN to access the survey.

If you have filed a claim with Promutuel Insurance and have not received a PIN by mail or by email, but wish to share your comments with us, please do so by following our complaint process:

Service outlets

Promutuel Insurance Bois-Francs

Head Office


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Opening hours

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*Our call center is open Monday to Thursday until 7:30 pm.
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