Promutuel Insurance Les Bâtisseurs

Promutuel Insurance Portneuf-Champlain pledges $50,000 to provide snacks in our Portneuf schools

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Table de concertation en sécurité alimentaire de Portneuf and Solidarité citoyen Portneuf to support food security in our community. Over the next two years, we’ll donate a total of $50,000 for the development of youth programs and to supply snacks to students in Portneuf schools.

Since 2010, Collation-Santé-Portneuf has been hard at work in the county of Portneuf in pursuit of its mission to provide school-aged children facing financial hardship with access to healthy food. Access to healthy food is essential for the development of study skills and academic success. Snacks are distributed in a discreet location in most elementary schools in the region.

With our donation, Collation-Santé-Portneuf will be able to help 300 children in the county of Portneuf for the 2023–2024 school year. This much-needed assistance will provide relief to families in our community who are finding it hard to make ends meet. 

“Promutuel Insurance Portneuf-Champlain is happy to support Solidarité citoyenne Portneuf and help ensure the continued success of Table de concertation en sécurité alimentaire de Portneuf youth programs,” said Mathieu Allison, General Manager. “We’re also committed to providing snacks for students. For us, it’s important to be THERE to support our families and help children succeed in school.”