Snowmobile accident: Are you covered?

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It’s winter! While some might dread it, snowmobilers can hardly contain their excitement. But their passion for this popular leisure activity can lead to unfortunate incidents. If you plan on hitting Québec’s snowy trails this winter, you’re probably wondering if you’re covered for this activity. Find the answer to your question here.

Snowmobiling: so popular, yet so risky 

It’s no secret that Québec is a snowmobiler’s paradise. More than 100,000 Quebecers take advantage of this leisure activity to make the most of what winter has to offer. However, these thousands of snowmobilers face many dangers when they get behind the wheel of their leisure vehicle. According to a recent Statistics Canada report, from 2013 to 2019, on average 73 people died from unintentional snowmobile events every year in Canada.

What are the main causes of snowmobile accidents? Alcohol, drug use, excessive speed, and riding in the evening or at night are just a few of the causes cited in the abovementioned Statistics Canada report. Collisions with stationary objects or other vehicles, ejections, rollovers, submersions, and avalanches are examples of commonly reported snowmobile incidents.

An insured snowmobiler is a reassured snowmobiler

Given that recklessness can sometimes be a factor, adopting safe practices on trails will help reduce the risk of snowmobile accidents. However, certain incidents are inevitable when practising motor sports. That’s why snowmobile insurance is key to enjoying this winter activity with peace of mind. In addition to covering you for any civil liability, which is mandatory for all snowmobilers, it offers you various coverages for damage to your precious vehicle.

The different types of snowmobile insurance coverage

As we said, snowmobile insurance will give you peace of mind. But is it mandatory? Here’s what you need to know about snowmobile insurance and the different types of coverage available.

Third-party liability insurance (Section A): To ride a snowmobile in Québec, the law, and specifically the Act respecting off-highway vehicles, dictates that all snowmobile owners must hold at least $1,000,000 in civil liability insurance. This insurance protects you against the financial consequences if your snowmobile causes damage to another person.

Pro tip: Get your trail permit from the Québec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) and become automatically entitled to $1,000,000 in civil liability insurance coverage that protects you in the event of an accident. Please note that this insurance does not cover damage to your snowmobile.

Basic coverage for damage to your snowmobile: In addition to covering you for civil liability, if you have coverage for damage to insured vehicles (Section B), snowmobile insurance covers damage to your recreational vehicle in the event of an accident, subject to the limitations, conditions, and exclusions of your insurance policy. There are four types of coverage: 

  • “All perils” applies to damage to your snowmobile, equipment, and accessories caused by all types of risks, except those specifically excluded from your insurance policy.
  • “Perils of collision or upset” applies to damage to your snowmobile, equipment, and accessories only in the event of collision or rollover.
  • “All perils other than collision or upset” applies to damage to your snowmobile, equipment, and accessories in the event of things like theft, fire, hail or glass breakage.
  • “Specified perils” applies to damage to your snowmobile, equipment, and accessories from risks specifically named in your insurance policy.

Additional coverage: If you meet certain conditions, you have the option to supercharge your coverage by adding additional protections to your policy, such as compensation without depreciation and travel cost coverage after a covered loss.

What is compensation without depreciation?

Snowmobiles are expensive, so naturally you want to protect your investment. This is where the “compensation without depreciation” additional coverage option comes into play. When you purchase a new snowmobile, you can get coverage for two, three, four, or five years to protect it if an accident occurs.

Renting or borrowing a snowmobile? Read this. 

Don’t own a snowmobile, but plan to rent or borrow one for a fun weekend with friends? Keep in mind that you can add a rider to your car insurance, so you’ll be covered in the event of an accident. Endorsement Q.E.F No. 27, specifying a snowmobile and its value, would cover you, for a set period of time, for any civil liability resulting from damage caused to the snowmobile you do not own. This is a very good temporary solution to give you peace of mind on the trails! Talk to one of our damage insurance representatives!

Promutuel Insurance is there for snowmobilers 

Promutuel Insurance is the proud travel companion of thousands of snowmobilers across the province. Whether you’re a seasoned or novice rider, we’ve got you covered, so you can go ahead and explore Québec’s most beautiful trails.

Did you know you could get a discount if you bundle your snowmobile, car, ATV, trailer, and home insurance policies? Talk to one of our damage insurance representatives or apply for a snowmobile insurance quote now!

Enjoy the snowmobiling season!