A rock falls on your RV: Are you covered or not?

Last updated on November 16th, 2022

Summer is coming—both your motorhome and the road beckon. You can already picture yourself on the open road: Does your RV insurance cover a little problem like a rock falling on your RV even when you’re on the road, or the kids are playing? Here’s the answer to your question.

What does basic RV insurance include?

Did you know that in Québec, all recreational vehicle owners must take out third party liability insurance? Why? So that they’re covered if their vehicle injures someone or damages their property.

That means you need to take out basic insurance with an insurer before you hit the road! This includes civil liability and basic coverage for your RV.

You can choose between three types of coverage:

  • “Comprehensive” covers damage caused to your RV and its equipment and accessories by all types of risks except those described in the insurance policy.
  • “Collision or upset” covers damage to your RV and its equipment and accessories only in the event of collision or rollover. This could involve, for example, a wheel hitting a pothole or loss of control of the vehicle.
  • “Perils other than collision or upset” covers only certain damage to your RV in the event of theft, fire, hail, or a broken window

But are you covered if a rock falls on your RV?

It’s true that this information doesn’t fully answer your initial question. So here’s the answer: It depends on the coverage selected—and ultimately on the circumstances under which the rock falls on your RV.

If you selected “comprehensive” insurance, then yes, you’re covered, regardless of how the rock lands on your RV, trailer, or motorhome, subject to certain exclusions.

However, if you selected “collision or upset” insurance, you’re covered only if the rock falls on your RV during a collision or rollover. But hey, that’s probably not the only damage that would occur.

If you opted for “perils other than collision or upset” coverage, it depends on the risks you chose to cover.

In a nutshell, if you want to be covered no matter what, the best choice is comprehensive coverage.

Additional coverage for peace of mind on the road

Going on a longer adventure with your RV, especially if you cross the Quebec or Canadian border, involves a certain level of preparation and risk. But the good news is that in addition to civil liability insurance, there is additional coverage to keep you well protected.

What is it exactly? Additional coverage for your RV, tent trailer, or motorhome and the goods you take along on the road. Among other things, this type of product allows you to continue your trip hassle-free if an accident or loss occurs.

Let’s say you’ve been on the road with your family for three days and have an accident with your RV. Everyone is fine, but your RV is no longer roadworthy. In this type of situation, if you have enhanced coverage, you would be reimbursed for expenses to continue your trip up to the amount determined in your policy. Here are a few examples:

  • Your accommodation while your vehicle is being repaired
  • Your meals while you wait to get access to your RV again
  • Rental of an RV to continue your trip as planned in an RV in good condition
  • Rental of a car so you can return home or continue your trip with your trailer

You may also enjoy other benefits:

  • Coverage for your personal belongings that are in storage spaces or inside or attached to your recreational vehicle
  • Waiver of depreciation
  • No minimum deductible
  • Reimbursement for the cost of repatriating towed vehicles, i.e., the cost of bringing your trailer home if your car that was towing it is reported stolen or is a total loss

At Promutuel Insurance, this additional coverage is called Procaravaning and is truly tailored to the needs of RVers. We used an accident as an example, but be aware that the same coverage applies if your RV is stolen or you are the victim of other types of losses. Wonderful, isn’t it? We think so too, especially if you’re the type who travels far and wide.

Does our coverage seem like just what you need for your next adventure? Ask a Promutuel Insurance representative for more information or request a quote.