Bannière procaravaning

Procaravaning means safe travels

Procaravaning provides solid protection for your RV or tent trailer and everything in it.


With procaravaning, you will be able to continue your trip if the unexpected happens!

  • If an accident happens while you are travelling, we will refund up to $3000 in fees that will allow you to continue your trip when a covered event occurs. For example, we reimburse the following fees:
    • Rental of a car or a tent trailer
    • Lodging
    • Meals
  • Up to $10,000 in coverage for your personal property
  • Third party liability
  • Value without depreciation for vehicles under ten years old
  • No minimum deductible
  • For towed vehicles: reimbursement of up to $5,000 for repatriation fees


Who is procaravaning meant for?

Any owner who has a:

  • tent trailer (motorized),
  • house trailer (trailer),
  • fifth-wheel,
  • truck camper,
  • tent trailer.


Explanation of coverages

Personal property

We insure you against “all risks”, including replacement value, for personal property in the storage spaces or in or attached to the recreational vehicle.

Repatriation fees

We cover the repatriation fees of the towed recreational vehicle to the insured’s home when the towed vehicle is declared a “total loss” or is stolen.

Additional emergency fees

We insure reasonable additional emergency fees incurred by the insured to maintain a reasonable standard of living when the recreational vehicle has become inhabitable following a covered event. If the event occurs during a trip, the additional emergency fees will be granted for the length of the trip.