Camping: Six hot trends to try this summer

Last updated on November 16th, 2022

Are you a diehard camper open to a new twist on an old favourite? Or someone who’s never tried camping but might be into a fresh new approach? Check out these 6 hot trends coming to Québec campgrounds this summer. Local travel with a difference!

1. Camping-commuting

It began years ago when people who could work online hit the road and became digital nomads. Now that trend has come to camping. With so many people now working from home, why not try building your camping trip around your work obligations? After working part of the day, you can spend the rest vacationing and enjoying the great outdoors. It can be a great way to recharge your creative batteries and get the best of both worlds. Just be sure you have the right equipment (computer, Wi-Fi, phone, ergonomic workspace) and can organize your time efficiently.

2. Wired camping

And speaking of tech—even if you’re not planning to work, you might still be up for a little wired camping. Some travellers like to stay connected, and with today’s tech tools they can, even on a camping trip. Can’t face missing your favourite TV series or the big game? Can’t unplug from your family and friends? With all the ways to get the Internet in your RV or trailer, you’re in luck!

3. Zero waste

We all want unspoiled wilderness to stay unspoiled, and that’s the idea behind zero-waste camping. It doesn’t take a ton of gear—there are lots of environmentally responsible things you can do when you follow the rule of “leave no trace.” You can make a real difference by forgoing the latest new gear and buying used, planning your meals carefully, opting for green cleaners and other products, and looking for ways to reduce waste. All it takes is a little organization!

4. Off-the-wall campsites

Bubbles, suspended spheres, POD, Geodomes, yurts, you name it—sleeping in a crazy camping unit is all the rage! There are loads of options to choose from in Québec, from primitive to full service. Today’s new units will take campers off the beaten path, redefining the experience for old hands and giving newbies a nice change of pace this summer.

5. Glamping or ready-to-camp

A trend that’s been topping the charts for years now is glamping (from glam and camping), for those who prefer to enjoy nature without roughing it. Glamping and ready-to-camp let you camp without having to buy or borrow special gear. All you need is a suitcase, food, and your personal items and you’re ready for adventure!

6. Free overnight parking on a farm

Last summer’s breakthrough arrival was farmland parking, where owners of a recreational vehicle (caravans, fifth wheels, trailers) could travel the province in a new way thanks to the hospitality of local farmers and other agricultural producers. Perfect for discovering the flavours of our countryside. With an annual Terego membership, travellers can choose from 230 different operations throughout the province offering free overnight parking on their land for anyone with a self-sufficient vehicle. It’s a fun new way to learn about farming and experience farm tourism.

Before heading off to a glampsite or taking your job on the road, it’s important to check your motorhome insurance or RV insurance coverage! The key to a great trip is good planning. Remember that your RV is also your home, so you’ll need insurance for both the vehicle and your personal property in case of a breakdown. Lastly, whatever your mode of transportation or destination, always follow public health rules wherever you are. Now you’re ready for your exciting new camping adventure!