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Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière: we insure you better.

We've been insuring people in Joliette for so long, we know your needs better than anyone. That's why we can offer you the best home, car, business or farm coverage for your budget. Welcome to Promutuel Insurance, your home away from home!

Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière


Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière is proud to debut a new program that rewards insured members who recommend Promutuel to a friend. For each person you refer who completes a quote, you’ll get $15.

And guess what? There’s no limit! Take advantage of this offer today and share it on your social media.

Proud to support the Northern Lanaudière Health Foundation

Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière is proud to partner with “Give with your heart,” the Northern Launadière Health Foundation’s first-ever major fundraising campaign, which aims to raise $10 million over five years.

By 2021, we will contribute $50,000 to the foundation to support seven major projects, including acquiring endoscopy equipment, building a new care centre, creating new external consultation services in gynecology and ophthalmology at CHRDL, and improving and redeveloping the hemodialysis service.

This commitment is a reflection of our mutualist values and our sincere belief that community engagement has a very big and positive impact on people’s quality of life!

The wait is over. Online contracts are here!

No more paper policies! With the brand new online service from Promutuel Insurance, you can now get your insurance policies and certificates electronically. How? Simply by signing up for Online Policies in your Client Space !

This online service is sure to please. What’s more, by signing up for an Online Policy, you could win a $5,000 travel credit for your dream destination or one of twelve luxury suitcases!

To learn more about all the benefits of your Client Space, click here.

Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière goes all in on Les Fêtes gourmandes de Lanaudière

Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière is partner with Les Fêtes gourmandes de Lanaudière.

This epic event brings together young and old to explore every corner of the food universe.

It features amazing cooking workshops with a host of professional chefs who are ready and willing to share secrets and introduce you to 100% made-in-Québec gourmet products.

Join us for Les Fêtes gourmandes de Lanaudière and experience a celebration of food you'll never forget! Go to : fetesgourmandes.cato find out more.

Come one, come all!

Regional engagement

Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière stands up for the arts!

Promutuel Assurance Lanaudière

Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière's gift of $25,000 to the MAJ will go toward the art museum’s planned renovations. Promutuel Insurance is proud to among the businesses in the region that are helping make this bold project happen. It will be a turning point in the MAJ's history.


Pierre Clermont
Member of the audit committee
Dominique Leroux
Céline Lachapelle
Member of the ethics committee
Denis Lanoix
President and member of the audit committee
Diane Joly
Ethics committee member
Gilles Lacroix
President and Member of the ethics committee
Jean-Guy Rivest
Member of the audit committee

Management team

Bouthaina Méchichi
General Manager
Collette Guénette
Director of Operations - Business and Farm Insurance
France Bourdeau
Indemnification manager
Louise Continelli
Finance manager
Sandra Bruneau
HR Manager

Our other insurance products

In addition to car insurance, home insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, business insurance and farm insurance, Promutuel Insurance offers a range of complementary products designed to meet insured-members’ needs.

2018 Annual Report

Throughout its history, Promutuel Insurance has always viewed change as an opportunity for growth, finding ways to adapt without ever losing sight of its core mission as a mutual insurance association. In 2018, we used that strength to keep moving forward and standing out from the competition in an industry that’s rapidly evolving.

To see the results, we invite you to take a look at our annual report.

2017 Annual Report

The purpose of insurance is to protect our most precious possessions and provide peace of mind. The numerous claims filed in 2017 were a stark reminder of our first and fundamental role as an insurer: being there for our insured members when they need us.

We encourage you to read our annual report for a look at last year’s highlights and financial results.


In 2016 we continued our efforts to provide an unparalleled client experience, in particular by increasing our digital presence and agility. Leveraging our clear vision and proven ability to adapt, we were able to succeed in a highly competitive landscape.

We invite you to consult our annual report, which summarizes our highlights and financial results from the past year.

About us

The first wave of mutual company mergers of the Montcalm county was in 1980. The Mutuals of Saint-Alexis, Saint-Jacques, Sainte-Marie-Salomé, Sainte-Julienne and Saint-Esprit joined their forces to establish the Fire Insurance Mutual Company of Montcalm. Some 1,500 members were able to benefit from the services of the Mutual Association, equaling $900,000 in premiums, with assets of $500,000.

In 1987, the Mutual of Montcalm took another step forward when it merged with the Mutual Company of L'Achigan which had itself grouped together the Mutuals of Saint-Roch, L'Épiphanie and Sainte-Rose-de-Laval. Lanaudière, General Insurance Mutual Association was the name chosen to identify the new organization.

Promutuel Insurance Lanaudière in numbers:

  • 28,926 insured-members who place their trust in us
  • A total of $43,881,000 in written premiums
  • $29,021,000 paid out in claims in 2018
  • $12,316,000 in members’ equity

Territoire Promutuel Assurance Lanaudière

Territoire Promutuel Assurance Lanaudière - Sud


Community contributions Solidarity, mutual aid and cooperation are three core values that are woven into the very fabric of your Mutual. Your Mutual is dedicated to investing day after day in the community, and is proud to have contributed once again this year to the socio-economic health of the region through the donations and sponsorships it has provided to various organizations. Your Mutual is a partner of choice in the success of many local events and initiatives.


/sites/default/files/2015 Annual Report – Promutuel Assurance Lanaudière

The year 2015 was brimming with rich and promising projects, which inspired us to step up our efforts today to confidently build a brilliant future for our organization. We invite you to consult your mutual insurance association’s annual report for its 2015 results.p>

2014 Annual Report

Rapport Annuel 2014 - Promutuel Assurance Lanaudière

A lot of positive changes occurred in 2014, which bodes well for the future of our organization. This annual report provides a summary of our projects and results from the past year.

2013 Annual Report

2013 will have unquestionably been a year of great achievements. We completed many projects and we have the impression that Promutuel is undergoing a renaissance, bringing greater success for the future. To learn more, refer to your Mutual company’s 2013 annual report (available in French only).

Survey for our insured-members who have filed a claim

We have introduced a survey for insured-members who have filed a claim with Promutuel Insurance to give us feedback on the service they received. This survey will also enable us to improve the service we deliver to our insured-members.

The survey can be found online at and access is restricted to insured-members who have received a PIN. Not all insured-members who file a claim will systematically receive a PIN to access the survey.

If you have filed a claim with Promutuel Insurance and have not received a PIN by mail or by email, but wish to share your comments with us, please do so by following our complaint process:

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