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Watch out for potholes!

Oh no, potholes! When spring comes they’re never far behind, much to the dismay of drivers.

To avoid the worst, here are some handy reminders plus information on car insurance coverage you may find useful.

Safety first

What does the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) recommend?

  • Reduce speed when approaching a pothole and resist the impulse to slam on the brakes—it could damage your vehicle. Just go slowly, then ease up on the brakes to let the car absorb the impact.
  • Hold the steering wheel firmly to maintain control of your vehicle.
  • Check your tire pressure regularly. An underinflated tire is more likely to rupture if you drive over a pothole. An overinflated tire may not absorb the entire shock.

Insurance: available coverage

What happens if you hit a pothole and damage your car? Unfortunately, you will usually be considered the one responsible for insurance purposes.

However, if you have collision insurance, you’re covered. The only downside is that in 99% of cases you’ll have to pay a deductible. So it’s important to weight the pros and cons: pay the deductible or pay for repairs?

If you have Endorsement 43 – Change to loss indemnity, you can have the damaged parts replaced for free, provided they need replacing. A definite plus if your wheels are your prized possession!


Talk to a Promutuel Insurance agent for more information on the coverage available for this type of incident.

Most of all, stay alert and drive carefully to avoid the trouble that potholes can cause!

Author: Promutuel Assurance

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