25 September 2018

What happens if Canada Post goes on strike?

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Given the possibility of a postal service disruption, Promutuel Insurance invites you to sign up for Online Policy in Client Space so you can access your policies, certificates, and other insurance documents online at any time. This will prevent any delays in contacting us or in paying your insurance premium.

Promutuel Insurance has also taken steps to limit the impact when you need to.

Renew your insurance policy

If your insurance policy expires in the coming weeks, contact your mutual insurance association directly to find out what will change. They may be able to suggest ways for you to retrieve your important documents, for instance by signing up for Online Policy in Client Space.

Pay your premium

You must keep paying your premium as scheduled in your contract to keep your insurance policy in effect. Payment options include:

File a claims

For claims, talk to the claims adjuster handling your file. As your contact person, they’ll follow up regarding necessary documents, claims payments, and everything in between.

You can communicate with your mutual insurance association by phone, email, or fax at any time. You’ll find all the contact info in the Contact Us section of our website.

As the situation develops, Promutuel Insurance will take additional steps as needed. Check back often for updates.