12 February 2018

Remove snow from your roof safely and effectively!

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Snow and ice followed by a mild spell followed by bitter cold... Québec winters keep you guessing, to say the least! According to Environment Canada, this winter is shaping up to be like 2008, including record precipitation. With a winter weather cocktail like this, prevention is priceless.

The weight of snow and ice buildup, especially on roofs and car ports, can cause serious damage.

Be proactive—don’t want for something bad to happen! Follow our snow removal tips so you can relax and make the most of the season.

When should you remove snow from your roof?

Every year we see more and more cases of water damage and collapse from inadequate snow removal. To avoid hassles, stay on the lookout for:

-       More than two feet of snow

-       Ice

-       Cracks in the walls

-       Door friction or inside doors that no longer close

-       Unusual cracks

-       Ceiling deformation

If you see any of these telltale signs, you need to act fast and get the snow off your roof... safely.

How do you remove snow from your roof?  

The Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail website explains how to safely remove snow from all types of roofs. Generally speaking, it’s best to remove snow from surfaces as it accumulates instead of letting it build up.

We took the SnowPeeler roof rake for a spin!

Prefer to do it yourself, but short on time? We tested a new product that could simplify your life: the SnowPeeler roof rake. It’s 100% made in Quebec and aims to revolutionize roof snow removal!

The SnowPeeler can be used from the ground and remove snow two to three times faster than conventional rakes. That means you don’t have to shovel and lug huge amounts of snow, reducing your risk of injury. 

Snowpeeler. Credit : www.polarmade.ca

Our verdict? We loved it and highly recommend it! It will save you time and energy and can be safely used on any type of roof.

Other solutions

Other snow removal solutions include:

-       Using a roof rake with a telescopic handle from the ground

-       Working from the roof using the proper fall protection equipment (harness and anchor point)

Not comfortable or sure about doing it yourself? Not to worry! You can always entrust the job to a professional.

What else should be cleared of snow?

To keep water from getting in, watch for snow piling up near foundations, windows, edges, and slopes near the ground. These spots should be cleared of snow regularly.

Ice and snow should also be removed from porches, steps, driveways, sidewalks, and emergency exits to prevent falls and make it easy to evacuate in an emergency.

Finally, if you have a car port, don’t forget to clear the snow off the roof from the outside using a snow rake.

Are you protected against heavy snow and ice?

Promutuel Insurance offers a broad range of insurance products for your home or business so you’ll be ready for whatever Quebec winter brings. Contact us to find out more.