20 April 2015

Motorcycle insurance in 6 points

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Warm, sunny days cry out for you take your favorite two-wheeled machine out of winter storage and hit the road. Let’s look at what you need to know about motorcycle insurance.

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory?

YES, motorcycle insurance is mandatory. In Quebec, all road vehicle owners must possess third party liability insurance. If you get into an accident with your motorcycle, this insurance will cover physical or property damage caused to another person.

What basic coverage is included in a motorcycle insurance contract?

  • Third party liability : Minimum coverage is $50,000 and can be increased to up to $2 million, depending to your needs. For example, if you frequently travel to the United States, you may want to get $2 million in coverage. If you cause damage to another person or if you travel outside Quebec, you will be better protected.
  • Other types of coverage available:  : There are many types of coverage beyond third party liability. Here are the most popular:
  • - Collision or overturning: This covers damage to your motorcycle in the event of an at-fault accident. This coverage is not mandatory in Quebec, but it could be useful when travelling outside of the province.
    - Comprehensive: This covers all other types of damage to your motorcycle, including theft, fire, hail, and glass breakage.

What additional coverage is available?

This additional coverage provides better protection and additional services if a problem arises. For example, at Promutuel Insurance, we offer the following endorsements:

  • Travel expenses: If an accident prevents you from using your motorcycle, this coverage reimburses your transportation expenses (e.g., taxi, public transit).
  • Waiver of depreciation: This coverage reimburses you without depreciation in the event of total or partial loss of your motorcycle. This endorsement is available for 48 months after the date your motorcycle is delivered.

What criteria influence the price of motorcycle insurance?

Here are the main criteria:

- Regarding your motorcycle:

  • Make and model
  • Engine size in cc3

- Regarding you (or any other driver)

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Driving experience

- Chosen coverage and deductibles

How can I save on motorcycle insurance?

Combine! That’s the recipe for great savings. For example, at Promutuel Insurance, we offer a discount of up to 10% if you combine auto and motorcycle insurance. This discount increases to up to 20% if you combine motorcycle insurance, auto insurance and home insurance

I’m planning a motorcycle road trip to the U.S. What should I check before leaving?

- Check if you have enough third party liability coverage to meet the minimum requirements of the state you will be visiting. If you want, you can contact your insurance agent to increase your coverage amount

- Check if your trip will be longer than the coverage period in your policy. If so, call your insurance agent and let them know. They will be able to offer you an extension on your coverage.

Finally, visit the SAAQ website and watch the videos, They’ll help you ask the right questions when preparing for a motorcycle trip.

Helmet, boots, gloves, insurance… Time to hit the road! Happy trails!