30 July 2015

Lower your energy bill by playing a video game!

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Households can use a lot of energy, as our bills frequently remind us. But what if a video game could teach you to save energy—and money—in real life? Enter Power House.

A game that keeps your energy-guzzling home in check

Created by U.S. researcher Byron Reeves at Stanford University, Power House uses gamification to help people learn good energy-saving habits for the home.

The idea is simple—the game simulates a family performing daily household tasks. Whether it’s using the dishwasher or washing machine, cooking, or taking a shower, almost all the activities in Power House require energy. To earn points, players must make decisions that maximize their energy savings and limit their eco-footprint.

A game with a real-life connection

What makes Power House so compelling? It lets you combine the virtual with the real by linking data from your electricity meter to the game. Saving energy in real life each day earns you more points in the game through achievement badges.

Still in the beta phase, Power House has yet to gain widespread popularity. But the game stands out for its useful advice and the green practices it advocates—a big plus for anyone wanting to make their house more eco-friendly! Ready to give it a try? Learn more: