09 December 2014

Golden Rules for Joint Reports

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So the driver of the car behind you didn’t see you brake. Right up to the last second, you thought the driver must have seen you and was going to stop in time, but then you felt the impact. Fortunately, nobody’s hurt, but you still need to draw up a report. Here’s how to go about it.

1. If you are involved in a car accident, if nobody is hurt, you do not have to call the police. A joint report of the accident will be sufficient for your insurer. The rule is valid for all car insurance companies in Québec.

2. The joint report is only used to identify the individuals and vehicles involved in the incident, to describe what happened and to report the damage caused to the vehicles. By filling out this document, you are not admitting any fault. Liability for the accident is determined according to the Direct Compensation Agreement, a charter among insurers that sets certain criteria for establishing who is at fault.

3: This document can speed up the claims process by providing driver’s licence numbers, licence plate details and insurance certificates to the parties’ insurance companies. Other than these details, the joint report contains information about the damage caused to the vehicles involved, a sketch of the accident scene, as well as information about potential witnesses. Not that only one joint report needs to be completed for an accident involving two vehicles. For a three-vehicle accident, two reports are required, and so on.

Practical info: You can obtain a joint report form online free of charge at infoinsurance.ca. The best thing is to always have one on hand by keeping a copy in your vehicle, wherever you go.

Doesn’t that set your mind at ease? Now you have all the information you need to handle the situation if you are involved in a car accident. Just relax and keep your eyes on the road!

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