Make your property inventory

Last updated on November 28th, 2022

Would you be prepared to list all of your belongings and calculate their total value? Not easy, right? Making a detailed inventory of the contents of your home will enable you to answer this important question and avoid a lot of hassles if you ever have to make a home insurance claim.

How do you do it? Simple:

  • For every room in your home, make a list of your possessions. Note the serial or model number and the value of each item. We made an easy-to-use inventory form you can download to help.

  • Ideally, add photos or videos of your items to your list. You should also keep receipts, product descriptions, user manuals, and other important documents.

  • Keep a copy of your inventory and the supporting documentation in a safe place outside your home, for example in a safe-deposit box.

Keep your inventory up to date. Moving is a great time to update your list. It’s also a good time to request a quote for home insurance.

A valuable tool

With your inventory in hand, you can easily decide how much home insurance you need to cover the actual value of your possessions. If you ever have to file a claim, it will be your ally and make the process so much easier.