Promutuel Insurance

Lunch TI Puissance Onze

Two of our IT specialists were invited to take part in a university project by meeting with computer science and software engineering students at Université Laval on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Adrian Pinzaru, developer, and Nathalie Côté, scrum master, gave a talk about the duality that sometimes exists between standard software packages and agility and internal development.

Their analysis focused on the role of humans in project management and compared the value of human thinking when developing a software package with the effectiveness of a program that’s integrated directly into the ecosystem.

Adrian and Nathalie took the opportunity to tell the students about the IT jobs and digital transformation initiatives at Promutuel Insurance. To learn more, see our Careers section.

Thank you to Puissance ONZE for giving us the opportunity to be THERE and make meaningful connections!