14 April 2021

Our favourite fishing outfitters in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean

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Close to 90% of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean is woods and water—no wonder it’s one of the top hunting and fishing destinations in Québec. Its celebrated salmon rivers and numerous outfitting camps on rivers and lakes teeming with a tremendous variety of species attract numerous Québec and international anglers.

Planning to dip a line into the sparkling waters of that magnificent area this spring and summer? You’ve come to the right place! To set you up for a fantastic fishing trip, we put together our favourite outfitters in that vast landscape with a few tips for an unbelievable season.

Fishing: Our favourite outfitters in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean

Angling aficionados rightly repeat it: Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean is the fishing spot Quebecers dream about. Whether you’re looking for a European Plan (no meal plan), modified American Plan (with dinner), or American Plan (three meals a day), there’s a fishing package for you with one of the outfitters in the area. Here are some of our favourite fishing spots:

Monts-Valin du Archer Outfitters, Valin Mountains

Native brook trout fishing at its best

Species: Native brook trout (eastern speckled trout)

Pourvoirie Monts-Valin du Archer, in the heart of the Valin Mountains, is the perfect place to experience the joys of fishing for brook trout, an abundant denizen of the neighbouring waters. Stay in a cabin on the European Plan, with the American Plan available on request. This larger-than-life natural setting is also great for mountain biking, watersports, bear-watching, quadding, and more!

Pourvoirie Nordic, Nord de Chute-des-Passes

Exclusive experience with seaplane access

Species: Native brook trout

It’s a unique and highly exclusive experience at Nordic outfitter. The only way in is by seaplane, and numbers are limited to 100 anglers per season. A package is available that includes three days and three nights on the American or European Plan as well as transportation, accommodations, preparing your catch, boat, and gas. Besides fishing for brook trout, you can also go hiking to enjoy the site’s natural beauty.

Pourvoirie Québec Nature, Portneuf Lake, Valin Mountains

Wilderness camping in a teepee, ATV, and brook trout

Species: Native brook trout

Québec Nature outfitter is 130 kilometres from Chicoutimi on Portneuf Lake, on the border with the Northern Québec and James Bay region. In addition to log cabins and a cozy lodge, they also offer anglers a memorable experience of wilderness camping in a teepee. Fishing packages on the American, modified American (dinner at the lodge), or European Plan are available. There’s no shortage of other adventure on offer, including quadding, watersports, mountain biking, and wildlife viewing. They also say that the biggest brook trout in the province are lurking there . . .

Pourvoirie Chibougamau, Lake Laganière

ATV fishing adventures and comfortable cabins

Species: Pike, walleye, whitefish

This is just the outfitter for quadders in search of an unforgettable fishing trip. An ATV expedition fishing package covering 30-odd lakes is available. Anglers who go that route will need to bring their own recreational vehicle. Another option is to fish for walleye and pike on the European Plan on the lakes adjacent to the camp. Chibougamau outfitter’s cabins have a reputation for the kind of comfort that really hits the spot after a long day of fishing.

Pourvoirie Aventures Nipissi, Passes-Dangereuses

A range of species and sportfishing for northern pike

Species: Pike, native brook trout, lake char, whitefish

This authentic fishing paradise, with lakes Maupertuis and Piraude topping the marquee, are open to anglers from May to the middle of September every year. The waters surrounding Aventures Nipissi have native brook trout and lake char, as well as northern pike for an otherworldly gamefishing experience. Flyfishers will also be thrilled with the numerous isolated lakes they can have all to themselves. All packages at this outfitter are on the European Plan.

Our top tips for an unforgettable fishing trip

Decided on one of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean’s best outfitters for your next excursion? Now you just have to pack up the essentials and make your final preparations. Here are a few tips for a successful fishing trip:

  • Choose your accommodations carefully. There’s a reason they call it sport fishing. When you turn in for the night, you’ll want to be comfortable so you can fully recharge your batteries. Pick lodgings that are appropriate for all members of your party, young and old.
  • Get the lowdown on the rules: Outfitters are subject to regulations and quotas based on where they’re located. Follow them to avoid headaches and ensure the sustainability of fish populations.
  • Bring all the necessary equipment. It can mean the difference between a successful fishing trip and coming back empty handed. Many websites have helpful packing lists for a worry-free trip.
  • Plan your meals: Cook up your catch for hearty and delicious dinners after a long day on the water.

Don’t forget your ATV insurance! The start of fishing season is the perfect time to get out your quad. Before you hit the trails, make sure your ATV insurance is still valid and provides enough coverage.

Happy fishing!