06 July 2018

Hiking in the Mégantic region

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Hiking trails abound in the Mégantic area, so much so that it’s often hard to choose which one to try. That’s why we decided to share our favourite wilderness destinations to enjoy with friends and family. So pack your bag, fill up your water bottle, and set out for a date with Mother Nature!

Sentiers du Mont Bélanger

Standing at 960 m tall, Mount Bélanger is one of the highest hills in the area and boasts a 20 km network of maintained trails. You can even ascend the observation tower at the top for a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

Sentiers du Clocher

Delve into the rich local fauna and flora in the heart of picturesque Piopolis as you explore the Du Clocher Trail Network. There’s even a marsh that’s home to many birds. Wherever you are, listen closely and you’ll hear the village belltower sounding every hour of the day.


Sentier du Cap-Frontière

The Cap Frontière Loop on Mount Gosford is an 18 km hike that takes you to one of the highest summits in Québec. As you hike along the American border, you’ll come across breathtaking viewpoints of mountains in Maine, New Hampshire, and Mégantic. A nice reward for all that effort!

Sentier du Littoral

Littoral Trail in Frontenac National Park is a 16 km linear footpath the whole family can enjoy! It has nice views of neighbouring bays and Saint François Lake. Keep your eyes peeled, because the park houses more than 200 bird species and 30 mammal species. Impressive!

Sentier des Escarpements

Tucked in the heart of Parc national du Mont Mégantic, Escarpements Trail (for “steep peaks”) definitely lives up to its name. Boulders, cliffs, crevasses, mountainsides, promontories, and plunging drop-offs: this trail has it all! The 6.7 km loop is known for its striking, one-of-a-kind natural scenery. Guaranteed adrenaline rush!

How about you? What’s your favourite trail in the area? Don’t hesitate to share your favourite sectors―we love discovering new landscapes. Until then, enjoy the summer and our beautiful region!