03 February 2016

Meet your future boss: Amélie Béliveau – Corporate Actuarial Services Manager

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Hello Amélie, what is your position with the Actuarial Services team at Promutuel Insurance?

Hello, I’ve just taken up the role of manager for corporate actuarial. Something completely new to me! 

I see, thanks. Tell us about your actuarial career so far, going back to the beginning. What were the key dates or time periods?

- 2000: I earned my degree in actuarial science from Université Laval.

- 2000: I got my first job as an actuarial analyst with an insurance company in Montréal.

- 2001: Then I landed at one of Québec’s biggest insurance companies, still as an actuarial analyst. In that job I was able to work in underwriting for individuals and special products as well as on so-called “corporate” actuarial services. That’s the field I’ve been specializing in over the last few years.

- 2015: I’m thrilled to be taking up a new assignment with Promutuel Insurance, as corporate actuarial services manager. This position is a perfect fit for my career plan.

equipe actuariat Promutuel Assurance

How many people are on your team and what are their goals?

I lead a team of four people. As the new arrival, I am still getting to know everyone! Our work focuses on operations, routine activities, analysis and support for mutual insurance associations.

How would you describe the work atmosphere on your team?

It’s a great team, and it’s been very easy for me to fit in. We help each other and enjoy working together.

What are the talents you value most?

If I had to hire staff within the next year, I’d say the best candidates would be those with an intermediate level of experience. As for professional qualities, obviously I’d look for people with a strong ability to learn and a good sense of analysis, who are resourceful and meticulous. In terms of personality, it’s important to be open-minded and know how to communicate effectively. Because you need to be a technical expert, but you also have to be able to clearly present your message to provide our mutual associations with the best advice. I also look for new employees who have the ability to question working methods and suggest better, more efficient strategies. “Corporate” doesn’t have to mean we can’t shake things up!

What’s the number one reason why it’s “better” and more fun to work on your team rather than anywhere else?

As I was saying before, what sets us apart is first of all the atmosphere on the team, as well as the way we work. Here you can challenge ideas and help develop more efficient procedures so you can spend more time on large-scale projects.

How do you motivate your troops?

I think it’s important to set aside time for my team and be available for every one of them. I make sure I give them the support they need. I also value good communication and am always open to group activities, like having dinner together or some other type of event. That’s a great way to forge connections and get to know my team better outside the workplace.