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Confidentiality and security

By accessing Promutuel Insurance’s website, users agree and accept to comply with the following terms and conditions as well as those mentioned in the Legal Notes

Confidentiality of information

The information requested in Promutuel Insurance’s forms is used to create a customer file in order to respond to the customer’s needs. Promutuel Insurance and its employees commit to keeping confidential all personal, business and financial information to which they have access in the performance of their duties. Following the submission of an application, Promutuel Insurance may use the information provided by a customer to offer them products and services that meet their needs.

Request for information or disclosure of information to third parties

With a user’s consent, Promutuel Insurance may collect information about them.

Promutuel Insurance may share information to third parties subjet to the following conditions:

  • The person concerned authorizes Promutuel Insurance to do so.
  • Information must be transmitted to a service provider or representative for a specific product or service.
  • The law requires or authorizes Promutuel Insurance to do so.

Promutuel Insurance does not, under any circumstances, sell or distribute information about its customers or customer lists to third parties.

Except in the above-mentioned cases, no identifying information will be shared with third parties. 

Promutuel Insurance only uses or shares these customer lists to the extent permitted by law. Promutuel Insurance may use these lists to inform you about promotions, contests, or new products.

User rights

Users have the right to access information about them and to consult, verify and correct their file. Promutuel Insurance will make a reasonable effort to respond to written requests from users. 

Please submit questions, concerns or complaints in writing to the address found in the Complaint Process section. 

Transaction security

Promutuel Insurance’s Internet site is designed with one concern always in mind: to offer the best possible security.

To achieve this goal, Promutuel Insurance has put in place a variety of measures to effectively ensure the security of confidential information and to restrict access to computer hardware and software.