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Description of Promutuel Insurance

The term “Promutuel Insurance” refers to the Groupe Promutuel Fédération de sociétés mutuelles d’assurance générale, member damage mutual insurance  associations affiliates and Promutuel Réassurance. Affiliates are not members of the Groupe Promutuel Fédération. 

In Quebec, each mutual company that is a member of Groupe Promutuel Fédération de sociétés mutuelles d’assurance générale is a damage insurance agency that distributes exclusively, by its damage insurance agents, all insurance products underwritten by Promutuel Insurance.


Use and content of Promutuel Insurance websites

The content of this site is intended to provide information about products and services offered by Promutuel Insurance. It may be updated from time to time, but we cannot guarantee that it is up to date or complete at all times. Always refer to your insurance contracts for information about your coverage, amount of insurance and deductibles as well as the limitations and exclusions applicable to you. In case of discrepancy, the insurance contract prevails over information available on this site.

As is the case for all Internet sites, use of Promutuel Insurance’s website is at the user’s risk. Promutuel Insurance cannot be held responsible for damages incurred following use of its website. Similarly, it cannot be held responsible in any way for possible use of information found therein. Promutuel Insurance provides no guarantees against errors, defects, viruses or interruption of use.


External links

Links to other sites are provided for your convenience and do not serve to endorse the products, services or information provided on third-party sites. Promutuel Insurance does not control or endorse representations made by third parties that are linked to its site by hypertext or any other means. Promutuel Insurance may collect data for statistical purposes via a third party website. This data will not include any personal, commercial or financial information under any circumstances.


Products and services presented on Promutuel Insurance websites

All products and services are subject to the terms and conditions of the contracts governing them.

Content provided on the site cannot in any way be considered a formal offer to sell products and services. Consulting the site and submitting an application does not bind the user and Promutuel Insurance.

Certain conditions may apply for the user to obtain a product or service. The submission of an application is therefore subject to approval by Promutuel Insurance. Furthermore, products and services may have been modified since the time they were published on the sites.

For more information about a specific product or service, contact your mutual association or with Promutuel Insurance

Products and services presented on Promutuel Insurance sites are intended exclusively for individuals who reside in the province of Québec or own assets there.


Anonymous data collection

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Promutuel Insurance uses Google Analytics

At Promutuel Insurance, we want to make sure the content of our website is relevant and useful to users. That’s why we have chosen to use the basic functions and demographics and interests reporting features offered by Google Analytics. These analytical tools give us access to anonymous sociodemographic data about the users of our site and information about their fields of interest. This allows us to adapt our content to better respond to our customers’ needs and expectations. Please note that this information is collected according to your Google ad preferences profile, which means that we do not receive any information in a format that would enable you to be identified personally. This means it is impossible—not that this would be our goal, in any case—for us to connect any of this information to you.

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Promutuel Insurance social media netiquette

See the rules for using our social media pages.


Ownership rights

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Users of these sites may not modify, copy, print, distribute, transmit, disseminate, reproduce, publish or download content from these sites without express approval from Promutuel Insurance. Users have the right to copy, print, transmit or download information for personal, non-commercial use on condition that they mention the source and ensure that the information is not modified in any way.

Any other reproduction, publication, downloading, redistribution, retransmission, dissemination or modification, in whole or in part, of content violates the laws protecting intellectual property and ownership rights, and may subject the user to legal proceedings.


Web hosting

Promutuel Insurance may do business with web service providers located outside the province of Québec or outside Canada, including for survey participation and online contests. Be advised that any data, information, or documents you may provide to Promutuel Insurance under such circumstances may be hosted outside the province of Québec or outside Canada and will be subject to the laws that apply in other provinces, countries, or states. Furthermore, the terms of use and privacy policies of any service providers with whom Promutuel Insurance does business will apply in such circumstances. By completing surveys or contest entry forms, you agree to the above-stated terms.