Recreational vehicle



Choose Proplan for 5-point additional coverage at an attractive price!

On top of the basic coverage for damage caused to another person (third-party liability) and damage caused to your vehicle (Section B), you can add a range of additional coverage options (or riders) to your policy.

No. 1

Your third party liability coverage also extends to vehicles that you, or a person living with you, rent or borrow.


No. 2

If you are deprived of your vehicle due to a covered accident, Proplan pays up to $75 per day (maximum $2,250) to cover the cost of renting another vehicle or pay for taxi expenses. If you also have to incur expenses to recover your damaged vehicle, to continue on a trip or return home, you can qualify for up to $1,125 in benefits.


No. 3

If your vehicle is a total loss, Proplan pays you benefits and waives the deductible.


No. 4

If you are the victim of a hit-and-run, Proplan pays you benefits and waives the deductible, provided that a police report is filed within 24 hours following the incident.


No. 5

Proplan pays up to $75,000 if you, or a person living with you, are required to repair damage to a borrowed or rented vehicle caused in an accident for which you are held responsible.