On jase LÀ podcast – Episode 2

Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Entête balado 2

Member exprience: It's all about value!

For our second episode in the “On jase LÀ” podcast series, we dive head first into a cornerstone of business—the client experience. Or, as we call it here at Promutuel Insurance, the member experience.
The quality and price of products and services are important factors in the decision-making process, but nowadays, there’s more to it than that!

The experience throughout the process must convince members that they’re making the right choice. 
How do we present our products and services? Are we readily available? How do we reach consumers? Do we make dealing with an insurer easy? 

Member experience is a key factor in an organization’s relationship with its clients. The full experience from initial contact to membership to compensation, the service we provide, and customer satisfaction must reflect the organization’s image, brand, and values. It’s crucial for anyone who wants to build a lasting bond of trust with their clients.

We sat down with Alain Le Put, Vice-President – Member Experience and Compensation at Promutuel Insurance.“

“On jase LÀ” is available on SpotifyYouTube and on Amazon Music. Please note that the podcast has been recorded in french only. 


Our guest :
Alain Le Put, Vice-President of Member Experience and Compensation at Promutuel Insurance 

Alain Le Put


Alain Le Put holds a degree in business administration from HEC Montréal, a degree specializing in insurance, and a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional designation from the Insurance Institute of Canada. He has been working in the damage insurance industry for over 35 years. A licensed claims adjuster and now Vice-President – Member Experience and Compensation at Promutuel Insurance, Mr. Le Put is known for his strategic vision, collaboration, and leadership, as well as his extensive underwriting and claims management expertise. 


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