What moving equipment is essential for a safe move?

Moving items from one place to another without the right equipment can be hazardous, time-consuming, and stressful. It can be really frustrating to know that you are missing a moving item while in the process, gathering your items to move from one destination to another. However, if you have made your due diligence and hired a professional mover, then the chances of missing out on moving equipment are very low. Full-service movers would have all the necessary items that are required. And if you want to do it by yourself, then you should take note of the necessary items that can aid the job. So what are the moving items that are required to make the journey easy, smooth, and safe?

1. Straps – essential moving equipment!

Straps are useful for packing items, and they can help to hold objects together in a great way. Strapping your legs would also give you a better grip, and you would not have to hurt your back. You can use it as a fastening or attach/bind items together. Straps are usually made from a wide range of materials, which include steel, paper, fabric, or plastic, and your choice would depend on the kind of material you want to hold together.

2. Hand Truck – for a safe move of your furniture

Hand trucks are useful because they help in moving heavy objects without hurting yourself or expending so much energy. People can suffer from muscle strain or sprain when they move large or heavy items. Hand trucks are very simple to use however users must follow a safe procedure while using the hand truck which includes:

  • Use a hand truck that is appropriate for the items being moved;
  • Keep the heaviest loads at the bottom when stacking loads on the hand truck;
  • Properly balance the items on the truck;
  • Do not load items very high, so it doesn't slide;
  • Be sure not to stack any fragile item on the hand truck;
  • Plan your route and remove all potential hazards.
  • By following those guidelines, using a hand truck will help you save time and not hurt yourself. This can be a great tool when used properly. Before moving heavy objects such as furniture or appliances, make sure you have contacted your insurance carrier, in case these objects are damaged during the move.

    3. First aid kit – for the health and safety of your movers

    First aid kit is a must-have while moving your items. This is because accidents are sometimes unavoidable, and you must be adequately prepared to tackle it when it happens. First aid kit includes a variety of items, and it can help reduce the chances of infection when injuries occur. It can also help in tackling ailments before medical care arrives. The first aid kit must be easy to open for anyone, and your entire team must learn how to administer first aid to an injured person.

    You should also make sure that everyone helping you during your move is aware of where the kit is located.

    4. Strong duct tape

    Although it might seem obvious, having duct tape around when you are moving is a must-have. It is useful for moving items from one place to another, and it resists tears, is flexible, and can help you keep things together. Duct tapes can also be used in protecting yourself and the team against slippery floors while moving objects. When you place duct tape at the bottom of furniture such as chairs and beds, they can help protect the floor against scratch. And lastly, it can be used in hiding or keeping small items safe. Make sure you used strong duct tape, such as the gray one we all know. Clear tape will not be as safe.

    Duct tape can also be useful if you feel like some of your boxes might not hold on. Adding duct tape will secure them so you can move them safely, without them tearing apart.

    5. Gloves – to protect you when moving sharp or slippery items

    You need to protect your hands while moving objects. They protect the hands against cuts, abrasions, burns, hazardous substances, puncture, and lots more. It is important to always choose the right gloves for the project and discard older gloves. Not every task requires gloves, but every moving job requires the use of gloves. It is important to choose a glove that is made with the right material because they come in various material types. Avoid cotton gloves as they can absorb dangerous chemicals and liquids and always choose the right gloves that properly fit the hands.

    Gloves can also help you have a better grip on your object that might have a slippery surface. When moving home appliances such as an oven or a fridge, the gloves are essential.

    Special mention. Be prepared!

    It is important to plan adequately before you move. Get all the necessary materials ready on time. You should also know that the best way to be safe is to be prepared. Organize your move and be ready for whatever hiccup you may experience while moving. If you are not sure where to start, you should use an online free moving concierge to assist you throughout your move. They will help you save time and money while making sure you leave nothing behind! For example, your moving concierge will help you find equipment such as boxes, or even book a moving truck. Organizing a move by yourself can be overwhelming, but with the assistance of a moving concierge, it doesn’t have to be.

    Moving into a new home can be exciting yet exhausting without an adequate plan. In most cases, moving cannot be successful without having a proper checklist of the items you need for the job. It is important to plan ahead of the task and eliminate every possible bottleneck before the big day. The better the plan, the higher your chances of success. Acquire all the necessary packaging materials, first aid tool kit, gloves, tapes, hand trucks, and so much more. You also have to make arrangements for a moving helper, also known as a moving concierge who helps you in areas such as cleaning, coordinating, loading, and lots more.