On jase LÀ Podcast – Episode 4


Climate emergency: a mutual challenge!

At Promutuel Insurance, we are increasinglyconcerned about the rise in extreme weather events and the risks theyrepresent. We also believe that as an organization we have a major role to playin preserving our environment and our planet!

That’s why Promutuel Insurance teamed up with two major partners at Université Laval in 2023: Institute for the Environment, Development, and Society (EDS Institute) and Chantier d’avenir en action climatique.

In this latest podcast of the On jase LÀ series (entitled “L’urgence climatique, un enjeu mutuel!”), Stéphane Gasse talks to Stéphane Roche, Director of EDS Institute, and Émilie Bamard, Promutuel Insurance Corporate Social Responsibility Leader, about our individual and collective role as an organization in the face of climate change.

“On jase LÀ” is available on SpotifyYouTube and on Amazon Music. Please note that the podcast has been recorded in french only. 


Our guests :
Stéphane Roche, Director of Laval University EDS Institute



Engineer and geographer Stéphane Roche is a professor in the Department of Geomatics Sciences and Director of Institut en Environnement, Développement et Société at Université Laval. His work seeks to articulate the digital and socio-ecological transition in anthropocentric urban ecosystems. He is particularly interested in spatial skills and reasoning as  the primary source of a new form of urban intelligence for climate action and sustainable health.


Émilie Bamard, Promutuel Insurance Corporate Social Responsibility Leader



Emilie Bamard is a senior corporate social responsibility advisor. She holds a French degree in environmental engineering from the École des Mines anda Canadian master's degree in life cycle analysis from CIRAIG, in chemical engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. She has strong skills in managing CSR strategies and integrating environmental, social and governance criteria into the strategic  and operational activities of various organizations. 



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