Our favourite fishing outfitters in Mauricie

With 4,500 lakes, 25 rivers, and 40,000 square kilometres of wilderness, Mauricie is teeming with biodiversity. More than 70 outfitters dot the region, offering packages of every shape and size to fishing and hunting enthusiasts. The only question is how to choose!

Planning a fishing trip here this spring or summer? We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite outfitters in Mauricie where you can find fishing options, accommodations, and packages to suit every taste.

Our favourite fishing outfitters in Mauricie

It’s no secret that Mauricie is a fishing paradise. Whether you’re looking for a European Plan (meals not included) or an American Plan (three meals a day), there’s a package for you with one of the outfitters in the area. Here are some of our favourite fishing spots:

Pourvoirie Domaine Desmarais – La Tuque

Family vacations, ATV package, and unparalleled fishing

Species: Brook trout, native brook trout, lake trout, pike, walleye

Pourvoirie Domaine Desmarais is the perfect spot for a vacation with family or friends—it has 32 lakes where you can fish for five different species, and loads of other activities as well. This majestic, 106-square-kilometre stretch of wilderness is easy to get to from both Québec City and Montréal, and is connected by ATV trails. Book a fishing package that includes a stay in a fully equipped wood cabin, with or without board. An ATV package is also available, including dinner, one night in a cabin, breakfast, and access to all onsite activities.

Pourvoirie du Montagnard – Val-des-Monts

Houseboats and beaches on the Gouin Reservoir

Species: Pike, walleye, brook trout, yellow perch

Pourvoirie du Montagnard was founded in 1997 and specializes in renting out four-star houseboats for a fishing experience like no other. It’s on the Chapman Lake bay of the Gouin Reservoir, offering beautiful sandy beaches for relaxing and enjoying the scenery between fishing outings. Fishing packages are five days and four nights and include a motorboat (but no meals). You can also get a day pass for fishing!

Pourvoirie du Lac Oscar – La Tuque

Harmony with nature and species-specific packages

Species: Brook trout, native brook trout, lake trout, pike, walleye

With more than 40 years of outdoor activities in harmony with nature, Pourvoirie du Lac Oscar gives anglers access to 30 different lakes across its 243 square kilometres of exclusive territory. But what makes this outfitter uniquely attractive is its European Plan fishing packages organized by species, so you can tailor your experience to your interests. You can fish on the stream, the river, or the lake, depending on the species and style of fishing you choose. A wellness package is also available for guests who want to reconnect with nature and find inner peace in a four-star waterfront cabin. You can also get a day pass to fish.

Air Tamarac – Clova

Fly-in destination with fabulous walleye fishing

Species: Pike, walleye, whitefish

Pike and walleye fishers, this outfitter is for you! The only way to get to Air Tamarac is by seaplane—now that’s remote! And it has the highest density of walleye in Québec. This is sports fishing at its best! There’s a family fly-in fishing package as well as a six-day ready-to-fish and a three-day stay option (meals not included). The outfitter offers ten cabins at five different sites around the Gouin Reservoir for the ultimate outbound experience.

Auberge du Lac-à-l’Eau-Claire – Saint-Alexis-des-Monts

Luxury accommodations and activities galore

Species: Arctic char (freshwater), brook trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass

Whether you’re there for business or pleasure, Auberge du Lac-à-l’Eau-Claire is the perfect place to combine fishing with luxury amenities. Fine dining, tons of activities, and five-star accommodations await. You can fish the lake with a daily pass or on a package, with four-course dinners included or not. Quad rentals are a fun way for motor-vehicle enthusiasts to explore the forest. Nature lovers can go hiking, play watersports, or simply relax on the beach between fishing outings.

Our top tips for an unforgettable fishing trip

Decided on one of Mauricie’s best outfitters for your next fishing excursion? Now you just have to pack up the essentials and make your final preparations. Here are a few tips for a successful fishing trip:

  • Choose your accommodations carefully. There’s a reason they call it sport fishing. When you turn in for the night, you’ll want to be comfortable so you can fully recharge your batteries. Pick lodgings that are appropriate for all members of your party, young and old.
  • Get the lowdown on the rules: Outfitters are subject to regulations and quotas based on where they’re located. Follow them to avoid headaches and ensure the fish populations remain sustainable.
  • Bring all the necessary equipment. It can mean the difference between a successful fishing trip and coming back empty handed. Many websites have helpful packing lists for a worry-free trip.
  • Plan your meals: Cook up your catch for a hearty and delicious dinner after a long day on the water.

Don’t forget your ATV insurance! The start of fishing season is the perfect time to get out your quad. Before you hit the trails, make sure your ATV insurance is still valid and provides enough coverage.

Happy fishing!