02 October 2015

Prevention champions at Promutuel Insurance!

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Why champions? Because our prevention advisors are there to listen and give you advice so that you’re well protected against any risks to which you may be exposed.

What makes our prevention experts different from the rest

Our strength is in our team. We have more than 70 prevention advisors working hard to protect our clients in the field. This allows us to get closer to our clients, meet with them in person, learn their needs, and establish trust—basically, to be part of their lives!

Prevention services available to our clients

The role of prevention advisors is first and foremost to conduct preventive visits, not inspections. As part of their work, they can provide safety advice for homes, business offices, and farms. These visits can cover all aspects of a building but focus particularly on heating, plumbing, and electrical systems and anything else that could potentially cause damage.

Industry-recognized prevention expertise

Our prevention work is obviously compliant with all relevant standards, codes, and regulations. But seeing as we’re always looking to optimize the quality of our services, we also work closely with the bodies that set these standards. In so doing, we contribute to the establishment of new standards better suited to today’s environment.

How can you take advantage of this service?

In addition to being professionally trained, our advisors are always there to help you. As clients, you can contact your mutual’s Prevention Department at any time. A representative will be happy to answer your questions for free. Why wouldn’t you use this service, especially when you know it can save the day? Take one of our clients. During a preventive visit, the advisor recommended replacing the hot water tank as it was old and rusty in some areas. He told the client that, until the tank was replaced, she should check it regularly to make sure it wasn’t leaking, and to close the water inlet valve immediately if it was. After checking, the insured saw that the tank was, in fact, leaking a bit. Thankfully, she noticed before anything happened. No damage. No headache. Peace of mind truly is priceless!