23 August 2018

How to fill out a joint report online

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If you have a collision with another vehicle but no one is injured, you don’t need to call the police. All you need to do for a simple fender-bender is fill out a joint report to inform your insurer about the accident. And to make your life even easier, there’s now a quick and easy app for that. File your joint report online in a snap!

The app

In 2017 Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) joined forces with ten insurers, including Promutuel Insurance, to update the print version of the joint report.  They decided to take the opportunity to modernize the process, creating a mobile app that customers could use on their smartphones and tablets.

Available for free from the App Store and Google Play, the GAA app makes it easy for parties involved in an accident to quickly send their joint report to any car insurer doing business in Québec. Note that each driver must have an email address to use the app.


Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be asked to create a profile. There is a barcode reader you can use to automatically enter the information in your driver’s licence, which helps avoid typos. You can also enter information about your vehicle. Creating your profile ahead of time speeds up the process in the event of an accident.

Find your insurer in the dropdown menu to send them a copy of the joint report by email. If an accident does happen, you can provide all the necessary information, including photos of the damaged vehicles. The report can be signed directly on the screen by each driver, using a stylus or just a finger.

Don’t wait another minute! Download the app and create your profile now. Filling out a joint report online is a great solution and will speed up the claim process. We hope you never have an accident, but if you do, it’s better to keep your interactions with your insurer fast, easy, and efficient.

And if you prefer a good ol’ paper form, you can always order one from GAA and keep it in your glove box just in case.