How to save time when you move

Last updated on March 11th, 2021

The process of moving is always a hectic and time-consuming process that starts to occur well before the actual day of moving. Indeed, building an efficient timeline and using good tips and tricks will make this an enjoyable journey!  This article introduces the ultimate advice that will help you save time and keep a positive thinking during this challenging process.

1. Planning out your Moving Schedule

If you want to do efficient and smart moving, you will have to start with a solid plan and schedule well before you move. Start by organizing your plan with the help of some checklists that will provide you with useful and relevant information about moving. List the things and items that need to be done before as well as after moving. Ensure that you prioritize your schedule in such a way that tasks with short deadlines appear first in the list. It is to your own interest to tackle this step of the moving process as early as possible to ensure the success of your move.

2. Be organized when Packing

Work on creating a checklist to prevent any last-minute missteps. If possible, it is ideal to start 60 days before you move. Keep crossing out things as you get done with them. Set rooms in your apartment for all the sorts of items that you want to take along to your new house. Work on separating the boxes by room or by object types contained within them. Keeping similar items in the same room will simplify everyone’s job on moving day!

For example, gather all your books in moving boxes within the same room and pack your clothes in another. You should also carefully place plates or kitchen tools in a third section of the house. This will not only save time but will allow you to sort these boxes out in your new apartment.

If you are moving fragile, expensive or unique items, ask questions to your chosen moving company to make sure they have adequate insurance protection for the period they will be responsible for your beloved items. Also, investigate various insurance coverage for your new apartment and make sure to protect things and items that matter the most to you.

3. Form the Floor Plan in Advance

You need to make sure that all the boxes end up in the right rooms at the new apartment to save time. For this, you can buy magic markers and come up with a colour code for every room in your new place. On the day of moving, draw a floor plan for your home by labelling each room with a suitable colour. You can also number the boxes and formulate a category list of what is inside each box so that you know what to find where. You can also hire a professional moving company to help you with all the time-consuming tasks like loading and unloading boxes.

4. Make Use of Technology to Tackle specific tasks

If you don’t use technology to simplify your move, you are wasting unnecessary time. Look online for moving applications to help you tackle some of the most important moving tasks. Nowadays, you can leverage technology to simplify address changes, connect internet and TV, hook up utilities and so on.

Also, if you planned a certain budget for your move, carry out all your payments and transactions online. This way all your bills will be handled digitally and will save a great deal of time when tracking and reporting your moving expenses.

5. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Go through all your belongings and get rid of items that are broken or that you no longer need. You can create three types of bins for the items. 1) Sell 2) Donate and 3) Trash Bins. Go through your wardrobe and select items that no longer are your size, or you no longer wish to wear them. It is best to get rid of these items at this stage so that you do not have to carry all the weight when you shift to your new apartment.

You can then hold up a garage sale or a giveaway for the unwanted. Remember the three key words: reduce, reuse and recycle.  In addition to help you save time; this tactic of recycling and reusing is to the benefit your community.

Final Words

Moving in and out can be a pretty hectic procedure, but as we made the demonstration in this article, the appropriate organization can make it a lot easier. Follow these tips and tricks to make your next move the easiest yet. Moving does not have to be a negative experience when you are ready and prepared. By saving some precious time, you will be excited about going into a new place and enjoy life as it comes!