06 June 2018

Facebook launches an educational portal parents are going to love

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Anxious about your children diving into the deep end of social media? We know how you feel! And it looks like Facebook has heard the alarm bells, because the U.S. social media goliath just launched an educational tool to help teach our teens the rules and risks of social media: Facebook Youth Portal. A page packed with useful information to help stressed parents breathe easy.

A few figures on Facebook and other social media sites

Although young people are tending to gradually migrate to other social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, Facebook has the biggest initial draw. It’s no surprise when you look at the statistics.

Eductional tools on the new Facebook youth portal

  • This simple, clear, and well-illustrated portal presents teens with a number of tools to help them create an account, manage their privacy, and avoid the dangers associated with improper social media use. In particular, the portal covers:

The basics of how to get started

  • How to create a profile, share information, organize events, and create pages or groups.

Key safety principles 

  • Using secure passwords, setting up hacked account alerts, disconnecting from shared devices, identifying scams, fake accounts, phishing, and more.

Tips on interacting safely online 

  • How to add, remove, or block friends, delete or limit the visibility of a post, block messages, report inappropriate content (abuse, bullying, harassment, etc.).

A tips and testimonials blog 

  • Quick and easy tips from a consultant and testimonials from young users about their online experiences (e.g., how to stay true to yourself, break isolation, deliver a message, start a movement, and more).

So that was a quick overview of the new Facebook Youth Portal. We encourage you to take a look at it with your kids and tell your friends and family about it. It’s a great source for useful information and quick and easy tips. In short, everything teens need to be informed without getting discouraged! And since social media will be a big part of their lives, the more information they have the better. Happy reading—and sharing!