26 September 2018

The ABCs of Tornado Insurance in Québec

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That’s right! They’re rare, but tornadoes can hit Québec and cause significant damage to buildings, property, and cars, among other things. In such situations, it’s only natural to wonder if you’re covered. Here’s everything you need to know about tornado insurance, plus tips to prevent wind damage to your property and possessions. 

What Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover?

Good news: most basic home insurance policies include windstorm insurance to cover damage to buildings or property caused by wind—and therefore tornadoes.


Water damage due to high winds is generally covered. Phew!

But a word of warning: coverage is optional for other types of water damage, such as sewer backup or water infiltration. Ask your damage insurance agent to check what choices you made when you purchased your insurance policy. 

Power Outage

Spoiled food due to power outages is also covered under most policies, up to a certain amount. Tip: keep receipts and take photos of your food! They may be useful should you need to make a claim.

Other Damage

Any other damage that didn’t occur during the storm, such as theft, will be considered as another loss and treated separately, in which case you may have to pay an additional deductible.

Pro Tip

Most basic home insurance policies include coverage for additional expenses incurred as a result of a disaster, or if you have to evacuate your home or are denied access. Coverage and limits vary depending on the policy you chose. Before incurring any expenses, make sure to check your policy or talk to your damage insurance agent. We also recommend you keep your receipts for any temporary accommodation, meals, or transportation so they can be taken into account when analyzing your claim.

What Does My Car Insurance Policy Cover?

Three auto insurance policies cover windstorms, including tornadoes:

1) “All perils” coverage

2) “Accident without collision or upset” coverage

3) “Specified perils” coverage

That means damage caused by flying or falling objects propelled by the wind is eligible, provided you’ve chosen one of these coverages. Again, make sure to check what your insurance policy includes.


Deductibles apply to this type of loss and are listed in your insurance policy documents. At Promutuel Insurance, if the windstorm has damaged your vehicle and your home and they are both insured with us, you only pay the higher of the two deductibles.

What Does My Business or Farm Insurance Policy Cover?

Most business or farm insurance polices cover damage caused by tornadoes. Check your contract for coverage details!

Don’t Forget!

Even if your insurance policy covers the windstorm, it’s important to do everything you can to protect your property (home, cars, business) from further damage.

Tips to Minimize Damage


  • Make sure the parts of your roof (siding, fascia, soffit, chimney cap, etc.) are securely attached to the structure.

Doors and Windows

  • Make sure that doors and windows are properly locked. If you have shutters, they must be securely fastened.

Outdoor Areas

Anything in your yard that isn’t stored away is likely to become a projectile.

  • Put away garbage cans, recycling bins, garden furniture, barbecues, and any other objects that the wind may lift.
  • If necessary, remove tree branches or any other objects left on the ground.
  • If you have a gazebo, remove the canvas and close the awning.


  • Avoid parking your vehicle near trees, streetlights, or power lines. If possible, park it in a garage.

Talk to a Promutuel Insurance agent if you have any questions about tornado insurance or prevention measures to limit the impact of strong winds.