COVID-19 - Promutuel Assurance
COVID-19: All of our services remain fully available.

Our employees are working from home in every part of the province to serve you. For important information and to find out more about our measures, see our information section.

Here's the TV ads for 2020 of Promutuel Insurance

We’re proud to present our new ad campaign showcasing our commitment to being THERE for our insured members in their new reality! All across Quebec, Promutuel Insurance employees uphold our values of mutual assistance as they provide support to our members, communities, and local businesses. WE’RE THERE for you and with you! 2020 ad campaign

TV ads for 2020

With our Québec-wide network, we’re there for you, close to home and proud of our roots. This concept underpins our 2020 advertising campaign. Because when our insured members need us, we’re there! And of course, to save you money on your auto insurance and home insurance, we are also there!