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All across Québec, Promutuel Insurance relies on women and men of all professions to serve as directors who provide its mutual insurance associations with effective governance.

Are you an insured member? Join the board of directors of your mutual insurance association and take this opportunity to gain unique experience in corporate governance.*

Being a Promutuel Insurance Director

It means having an interest in

  • A corporate vision
  • Business strategies
  • Strategic targets
  • Plans for the future

It means wanting to

  • Contribute to major projects
  • Seek performance in all its forms
  • Instill an attitude of excellence in an entire organization
  • Create economic value for the benefit of thousands of members

It is a recognized and compensated function

  • Scheduled compensation
  • Free professional development program
  • Insurance plan (including virtual health care services)

Call for applications

Groupe Promutuel’s mutual insurance associations are often on the lookout for good candidates to sit on their respective boards of directors.

*Contact your mutual insurance association to find out about eligibility requirements and the nomination process.