Promutuel Insurance is proud to support and celebrate agricultural businesses in Québec!

Promutuel Insurance is proud to support and celebrate agricultural businesses in Québec!

Québec City, September 2016 — At the 2016 regional awards gala of Ordre national du mérite agricole (ONMA) held today in Sherbrooke, Promutuel Insurance warmly congratulated all the contestants and winners of the 127th edition of this competition..

“We are proud to celebrate the extraordinary skills of men and women who work on Québec farms. Your courage, passion, and determination deserve recognition. Thanks to you, Québec consumers enjoy access to a wide variety of high quality products. You have our thanks and admiration,” said Luc Isabelle, vice-president of the Promutuel Insurance board of directors.

Mr. Isabelle also congratulated Entreprises GM Benoit inc. from Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults, the winner of the Mérite Promutuel Assurance de la prévention award, which was established in 1993 and recognizes a company’s efforts in workplace safety and prevention. Having earned the most points for safety on the farm, Entreprises GM Benoit inc. also takes the honours for the entire province.

Entreprises GM Benoit inc. is insured by Promutuel Insurance Centre-Sud. “We are extremely proud to see one of our insured members rewarded for their efforts in workplace safety and prevention. This multi-generational farming family is a huge inspiration to us all. Great job! This award also raises awareness among industry stakeholders about the importance of integrating best practices for safety and prevention. We believe that farm safety should be a priority," concluded Mr. Isabelle.

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