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Christian Jobidon

Christian Jobidon

Senior Vice-President – Insurance and Reinsurance


Anyone who meets Christian Jobidon for the first time will be impressed with his delightful mix of simplicity and complexity. Our Senior Vice-President – Insurance and Reinsurance at Promutuel Insurance is a man of contrasts. He is as measured as he is passionate, which gives him the ability to analyze every situation from all angles—a valuable asset in any decision-making process.

This Beauce region native has a black belt in judo, a discipline in which studying your opponent is of paramount importance and in which anticipating the right moves makes all the difference. An unfortunate knee injury kept him away from the tatamis and cost him his goal of competing in the 1992 Summer Olympics. 

Looking for a challenge, Christian traded the dojo for Université Laval’s School of Actuarial Science: “I turned my sports challenge into an academic challenge,” says the man who graduated at the same time as the Barcelona games were taking place. “To each their own medal,” he told himself at the time.

His studies led to a keen interest in damage insurance and in the intellectual challenge of developing new products, particularly in the car insurance sector. “Our mobility needs have changed. We have to innovate to respond to this transformation and develop strategies that will benefit both the organization and its owners, the insured members,” he continues, adding that Promutuel Insurance’s mutualist values “give meaning to everything we do. It unites us all.”

He’s just as excited by Promutuel Insurance’s growth prospects. “We have grand ambitions for the coming years, and the people to achieve them,” says this highly approachable leader, who believes that teamwork in line with the organization’s vision for the future is the key to success. 

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Why did you choose promutuel insurance?

I was drawn to the organization’s human values and consistent message. Promutuel Insurance’s concern for people’s reality is sincere and is reflected in the services we offer.


How do you define being THERE?

Physical proximity is the key. Being close to people, as is the case with our mutual insurance associations across Québec, enables us to better understand their concerns and thus better meet their needs.


A quote you live by?

“We must act, knowing that our work will be imperfect.” - Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States This aptly describes what motivates me, both professionally and personally. Waiting around accomplishes nothing. The quest for perfection is illusory.

Do you have any hidden talents?

If being pragmatic is a talent, then yes, I do. My son converted the family to veganism a few years ago. I’m not an environmental activist, but I think our planet would be better off if we all ate a little less meat. And the energy we spend digesting could be used for something else.


Sweet or salty?

Actually, I’m… chocolatey. Thank God chocolate is vegan!


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