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Dave Fiset

Dave Fiset

Senior Vice-President – Chief Information Officer


The world of insurance today is inseparable from the world of information technology. Not only is IT evolving at lightning speed, but so are the associated risks, with cybersecurity issues forcing insurers to constantly rethink their approach to clients to keep pace with new digital possibilities.

Enter Dave Fiset, Promutuel Insurance’s new Senior Vice-President, Information Technology. With his proactive approach focused on bringing out the best in every member of the organization, he is a leader to reckon with.

But as he tells it, even back when he was growing up in Montmagny, he’s never really sought to be the boss. “Playing king of the castle was never really my thing,” he recalls. Yet he often ended up captain of the hockey or football team all the same. And so it’s been in his professional career. Time and again his coworkers have asked him to take command of the department where he worked. And he’s gone along and become a leader who really serves the team.

“Make use of me,” he always says. “You’re not here for my benefit.” Dave is a great listener who understands how people feel. He’s all about valuing the people he leads, consolidating their sense of belonging and their pride in the organization they work for. “These days people need that little extra,” he notes, “and it’s great for staff retention too.” Dave spent the first 21 years of his career at Université Laval, the last two as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and head of information security for the entire university.

Dave’s leadership is the real deal. He likes to keep things simple and use ordinary language—speaking from the heart rather than picking out his words for effect. “Piloting a change in operating procedures or even organizational values is only possible with a group that gets along,” he says. “You have to get that chemistry.” 

Dave holds a bachelor’s in business computing from Université Laval and a certificate in leadership and management from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business, but he attributes his managerial prowess to a certain entrepreneurial acumen he absorbed from his family growing up. “Discussions about managing and solving problems were essentially the soundtrack of my childhood,” says Dave, who describes himself as an intrapreneur. 

This is a leader who’s organized and committed, always on the trail of meaningful results. “Having a chance to shake things up inside a big organization like Promutuel Insurance has me positively salivating,” he says.

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Why did you choose promutuel insurance?

I really appreciate the Promutuel Insurance values of openness and cooperation. They are really close to my heart. I felt that the time had come to join an organization that shared my bedrock convictions.


How do you define being there?

Being THERE is about helping based on what people need, not supply. Every situation is unique and demands a response that suits the people involved.  People must always be our top priority.


A quote you live by?

I love this line from, Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Dreaming is good. Doing is better! 


Do you have any hidden talents?

I love renovation. Working with my hands frees up my mind. Plumbing, tiles, electrical work—bring it on! I’m not the fastest, but I make sure the job’s done right.


Sweet or salty?

Salty all the way.  I can sniff out a bag of chips in a cupboard at 50 paces.


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