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Farm perspective

Available only through Promutuel, Farm Perspective is a unique and distinctive product that makes an advantageous addition to your basic farm insurance policy.

Assurance Perspective agricole

Farm Perspective provides 29 additional coverages, which can:

Protect items not covered by your basic policy

For example:

  • Fuel tanks and pumps
  • Roads, sidewalks and parking areas
  • Commercial signage
  • Decorative landscaping
  • Personal property of management and employees
  • Slaughter of an animal for humanitarian reasons
  • Back-up of sewer, septic tank or manure tank or pit
  • Costs for depollution of insured premises
  • Important data and documents
  • Off-site utilities interruption
  • Recall of retail products sold
  • Contingent income (clients and suppliers)

Upgrade your existing coverage

For example:

  • Newly acquired items
  • Rented or borrowed farm equipment
  • Costs of preparing an application

Offer greater flexibility in the event of a claim

For example:

  • Waiver of deductible in certain circumstances
  • Replacement value with permission to rebuild at another location

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