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11 February 2014


Logo - Promutuel Insurance

Québec City, February 11, 2014 – Sunday was the day Promutuel officially unveiled its brand new visual identity to the public. Simplicity is the underlying theme of the company’s new image, which draws on clean lines that are both classic and contemporary.

Promutuel’s determination to win over new markets is clear to see, and the company is counting on nothing but the best to reach out to its target customers. Promutuel’s decision to strengthen its brand image was driven by a need for modernization and the desire to be innovative.

The word INSURANCE is now an integral part of Promutuel’s signature—a clear reference to what the company does best. The old colour scheme has been given a facelift with the introduction of a brighter yellow and a more modern dark grey. This refreshed image symbolizes the four key themes—proximity, dialogue, openness and professionalism—that distinguish the service Promutuel offers.

“To reach this result we had to think long and hard about the factors that make up Promutuel’s DNA and how relevant our brand image was to our target market. We wanted to modernize and freshen up our image while capitalizing on our existing assets, since Promutuel is a strong brand. In other words, we knew we had to evolve without losing track of who we are,” commented Jonathan Pollender, Vice-President of Marketing and Development at Promutuel.

On Sunday, an advertising campaign was rolled out province-wide to show Québecers the new face of the Promutuel brand. The new logo will be implemented progressively throughout all regions of Québec in Promutuel’s communications with insureds and the general public.

“Our new visual identity pays homage to our past and gives us a springboard to tackle the future with confidence. It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors and Management of Groupe Promutuel welcome this wind of change,” commented Sylvain Fauchon, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Promutuel.

About Promutuel Insurance
Promutuel Insurance is among the largest property and casualty insurers in Quebec. Known for its financial strength, high quality products and customer service excellence, it employs more than 1,750 people and serves some 575,000 insureds. Promutuel Insurance’s mission is to promote and offer insurance products that meet the needs of its clients. It is committed to offering personalized quality service and to promoting the mutualist values that have guided its activities for more than 160 years.

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To view a video presentation of Promutuel’s new visual identity, please click on the following link to the company’s website:

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