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6 September 2017

Let good driving smile upon you with Promutuel Insurance

Québec City, September 6, 2017 — Promutuel Insurance proudly announces the launch of its new telematics program Appi, a 100% mobile app that lets drivers adjust their insurance rates by adjusting how they drive.

“In designing this app, we really put the emphasis on driver experience,” said Guy Lecours, COO of Promutuel Insurance. “What we want is to help drivers drive better by giving them lots of detailed data they can check easily. Things like speed, braking, acceleration, distance travelled—basically everything you need to improve your driving and save even more! Not only that, you can use Appi if you don’t have a data plan. We did that so we could offer it to more of our insurance customers,” he concluded.

Appi puts Promutuel Insurance ahead of the pack, with the industry’s most attractive discounts. New clients are welcomed with a discount of up to $100 (depending on their premiums), then get up to 30% off on their next auto insurance renewal, depending on how they drive. Appi adds up your scores on three aspects of driving—soft braking, obeying the speed limit, and gradual acceleration. It also gives you a running estimate of your savings in dollars and percentages so you can make adjustments to get a bigger discount.

Appi also make discounts fun. Users can compare their driving to that of other family members or track how their scores and discounts are progressing from week to week for extra motivation. Also on the fun side, the app lets you compare your scores with your friends, set yourself challenges, and earn medals. Exciting ways to stay motivated by rewarding your efforts in the here and now!

“With Appi,” added Lecours, “clients have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It’s 100% free, with no strings attached!”

Let good driving smile upon you, with Appi.

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