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Réseau Signature Promutuel Insurance


With Promutuel Insurance, you’ll have peace of mind if your car is damaged in an accident. In addition to quickly servicing your claim, your mutual insurance association* will entrust your car to a body shop that meets the highest industry standards as a member of our Réseau Signature.

All Réseau signature body shops meet stringent selection criteria. In joining our network, they commit to providing our insured members with outstanding service, including:

  • Fast vehicle pick-up to reduce wait times and travel for our insured members
  • A replacement vehicle
  • Work that meets auto industry safety standards 
  • A commitment to provide our insured members with the best service
  • A superior warranty on the work
  • And more

Today’s auto makers are using more and more technology and light metals in their vehicles. This makes repairs more complex, which is why choosing a good body shop is essential to ensure the safety of our insured members. That’s why Promutuel Insurance has set up a network of certified body shops.

These benefits are offered free of charge to insured members of Promutuel Insurance! Talk to your advisor when you file your claim. 

*At participating mutual insurance associations