05 October 2016

5 tips for maintaining a healthy balance at work

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Fall is often a busy season. Work picks up, there are more meetings, and new projects begin. At home, the kids go back to school and your schedule gets tighter. Juggling all these demands can be difficult. But it’s essential!

Here are 5 simple tips to help you catch your breath and strike a healthy balance at work.

Tip 1 – Prioritize

Already feeling overwhelmed? Figuring out your priorities and setting realistic goals are good ways to stay on top of your work and reduce stress. It’s pointless to keep taking on more!

Of course, managing your time takes discipline, and sometimes you need to say “no.” But at the end of the day you’ll feel better when you’re honest with yourself.

Tip 2 – Manage your emails and calls

These days, the amount of emails and phone calls we receive can be excessive! Too often, we feel a great sense of urgency when we get an email or a phone call. But in reality, we don’t have to answer immediately.

It’s a good idea to set aside a specific time to read emails, and make and return calls. If you keep to these timeframes, you won’t constantly be thinking about your inbox!

Tip 3 – Take breaks

We all know that taking breaks helps us recharge our batteries. The trouble is actually taking a break! How do you do it? Talk to your coworkers. Together, you can motivate each other and agree on the best times to take a break.

Tip 4 – Eat healthy

Eating healthy has many benefits, especially for our level of energy and our ability to concentrate at work. Preparing your meals the night before so you have a balanced lunch and a good snack for the next day is always a good idea! At Promutuel Insurance, baskets of organic vegetables are delivered every Friday for employees who would like them.

Be careful! There’s a tonne of information out there on nutrition. If you want to change your eating habits, talk to professionals and use credible sources like the Government of Canada, which has a whole section of its website on the topic.

Tip 5 – Team up

Isolating yourself at work is definitely not a good way to maintain a healthy balance. Talk to your coworkers, share your vision, get advice from peers, and ask questions so you can save time, learn more, and socialize!

Your employer has a role to play!

Find out about the programs and practices your employer has implemented to encourage wellbeing at work. At Promutuel Insurance there are numerous options for physical health (outdoor cardio and yoga) or mental health (meditation sessions and chair massage). Get informed—you might have access to activities you didn’t even know existed!

Happy fall, everyone! Remember to breathe!