For the purposes of these terms, “Promutuel Insurance” or “we” refers to all mutual insurance associations that are members of Groupe Promutuel Fédération de sociétés mutuelles d’assurance générale and Promutuel Reinsurance. For a vehicle that is signed up for the APPI program (“APPI”), “you” refers, to the insured, the client, as well as any primary, casual, or secondary driver of the vehicle, as the case may be.


You expressly agree to these terms of use and undertake to comply with them on the earlier of the following:

  • Signup for APPI, which is totally voluntary, or
  • Use of the APPI application.


If you disagree with these terms of use, do not sign up for APPI or withdraw from it, if applicable, and do not use the APPI application.


You can withdraw from the APPI program at any time, free of charge, by calling 1-8-PROMUTUEL (1-877-668-8835).


Unless explicitly stipulated otherwise in these terms of use, all conditions, limitations, and exclusions in your automobile insurance policy apply fully and take precedence over these terms.



Your eligibility for APPI is conditional on all of the following conditions:


2.1  Eligible vehicles

Only passenger vehicles that meet the following criteria are eligible for APPI (an “eligible vehicle”):

  • The vehicle is used exclusively for driving purposes or occasional business. By “occasional business,” Promutuel Insurance means work-related travel for which the total annual distance is less than EIGHT THOUSAND (8,000) kilometres
  • The vehicle can never be used, not even occasionally, for business outside of Québec
  • Use of the vehicle outside of Québec for leisure purposes is authorized only in Canada and the United States, and the total annual duration of such use must be less than SIXTY (60) days per year, consecutive or otherwise
  • At program registration, the vehicle must not be in storage
  • The vehicle must be registered in the name of a natural person


Please note that in the event of a vehicle change or substitution, Promutuel Insurance will reassess the new vehicle’s eligibility.


Notwithstanding the preceding criteria, certain vehicles may not be eligible for APPI under our underwriting standards. For information, call an agent at 1-8-PROMUTUEL to see whether your vehicle is eligible.


2.2  Eligible person

To be eligible for APPI, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Accept these terms of use
  • Be a natural person resident in Québec with a valid driver’s licence issued by the Québec authorities
  • Be the owner or primary or occasional driver of an eligible passenger vehicle
  • Have a valid email address that you check regularly
  • Be insured or insurable by Promutuel Insurance
  • Have an eligible vehicle that is insured or insurable, as the case may be, by Promutuel Insurance, for complete coverage, i.e., (i) third party liability, collision and overturning, and comprehensive coverage, except collision and overturning; or (ii) third party liability and comprehensive coverage
  • If you are the primary driver, have an eligible smartphone on which the APPI application is installed and activated


2.3  Eligible smartphones

Any driver of a vehicle that is registered for APPI must have a smartphone that meets the following specifications:

  • iPhone: model 5s or later, running operating system iOS 9.0 or later, or
  • Android: running operating system Android 5.0 or later
  • The APPI application must be installed at all times on the primary driver’s smartphone, and this driver must be logged into their client account at all times
  • During trips, the geolocation (GPS) function on the driver’s phone must be activated all the time


Notwithstanding the preceding conditions, certain phones may not be eligible for APPI for technical reasons. Call 1-844-770-2774 to see whether your phone is eligible.



You will earn a discount (“APPI discount”), which will vary based on the driving habits and behaviour detected by the APPI application. The APPI discount will become applicable to the premium of the eligible vehicle set at the renewal following your registration for APPI or the change of a vehicle listed on the policy. However, in order to benefit from the APPI discount, you must have accumulated at least ONE HUNDRED TWENTY (120) days of APPI application use on the date of filing of your renewal or when changing the vehicle listed on the policy.


The maximum APPI discount is THIRTY PERCENT (30%), made up of a maximum driving behaviour discount of EIGHTEEN PERCENT (18%) and a maximum annual distance discount of TWELVE PERCENT (12%). The APPI discount will be determined before the renewal of your automobile insurance policy, and you will receive an email confirming the APPI discount to which you are entitled.


The driving behaviour discount is calculated based on the score obtained by the primary driver of the vehicle and any driver: (i) who is declared an occasional or secondary driver of the vehicle; and (ii) who is not declared a primary driver of another passenger vehicle insured by Promutuel Insurance; and (iii) who is registered for the APPI application and uses it. The APPI discount applies per individual vehicle.


To be eligible for the distance discount, you must travel less than TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND (25,000) kilometres annually per individual vehicle.


Furthermore, if the APPI application installed on the primary driver’s phone does not transmit data for more than SIXTY (60) consecutive days, Promutuel Insurance reserves the right to withdraw any discount or terminate any driver’s APPI registration.



Promutuel Insurance is very sensitive to the need to protect your privacy and your personal information. In order for us to provide you with our services and develop the APPI program and for you to use the program, we collect and use certain data and personal information about you. Below are details regarding the information we collect and how it is used.


4.1  Personal information and data

In addition to personal information you provided when you obtained your insurance and signed up for APPI (such as your name, address, driver’s licence number, insurance policy number, vehicle identification number, and so on), the following data is collected by the APPI application (“driving data”):

  • The vehicle’s geographical position (GPS) and trips made
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Excessive speeding
  • Kilometres travelled
  • Driving periods

To calculate your driving score:

  • Sudden acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Excessive speeding


For the APPI discount calculation:

  • Driving score
  • Kilometres travelled


4.2  Data and personal information collection and processing

The APPI application collects driving data and then transmits it over the cellular or wireless network to our provider, which processes and then returns it in a format that can be displayed and viewed in the APPI application. If you configure the APPI application to transfer your driving data over the cellular network, your mobile phone operator’s standard fees apply.


4.3  Data and personal information use

Promutuel Insurance puts all necessary measures in place to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information and driving data.

Subject to the provisions of these terms of use, the driving data and personal information collected will never be sold or shared with third parties or used for purposes or by people other than under the terms stated herein, and they will be used only for the APPI program so that you can benefit from it and the APPI discount.

Authorized Promutuel Insurance employees will have access to your driving data, driving score, APPI discount, and personal information when such access is required to answer your questions, handle your requests, perform their functions, carry out tasks related to your insurance products, complete actuarial analyses and rate forecasts, or so that you can benefit from offers or additional products.


Furthermore, certain driving data and personal information may be communicated to our providers or agents in order to offer and improve the APPI program. In such cases, these providers or agents are required to preserve the confidentiality of the data and personal information to which they have access and may not use it for purposes other than to deliver the services for which they have been commissioned.


All access, transmission, or use of your data and personal information by Promutuel Insurance, and its employees, providers, and agents will be limited to what is necessary for the fulfilment of each one’s functions.


Your driving data will not be used to determine your liability in the event of a loss or to increase your insurance premium.


4.4  Viewing driving data.

You can view the driving data collected by logging into the APPI application.


4.5  Driving information viewing by other drivers

Depending on your status on the auto insurance policy, you will have access to certain information.


If you own the vehicle, in addition to your own driving data, you will be able to view all other drivers’ driving information for all vehicles listed on your Insurance policy, including trips and events, overall scores, scores for each trip, medals, and the estimated APPI discount for each vehicle.


As a casual, secondary, or primary driver who does not own the vehicle, in addition to your own driving data, you will have access to the overall score, medals, and trip dates and distances, as well as the scores for the other drivers of vehicles on the insurance policy that are registered for APPI. You will also have access to the APPI discount for vehicles that your driving affects.


Regardless of your driver status, by downloading the application and proceeding with its activation, you agree that the other members of the “My Family” group may view your information, trips, and driving data as described above.


If two drivers who are registered for APPI are in the same vehicle, the passenger must change their status to “Passenger” in the APPI application.


By default, the APPI application settings make your results public, meaning your overall score and medals will be visible to the other APPI users you have added to your list of friends. This also means you are identified as a APPI user in other APPI application users’ contact lists on their phones.


4.6  Google Analytics and cookie use

We use Google Analytics’ services to collect non-identifying information on APPI application users’ browsing behaviour. This data does not identify you personally. We use it to offer and improve the APPI application, our portals and websites, and the services we offer.


Cookies may be placed on your phone. These are not intended to identify you. They compile information on browsing that occurs on the phone where they are stored.



You can terminate your APPI participation at any time, free of charge, by calling 1-8-PROMUTUEL.


If you use APPI improperly or if the data collected is irregular, Promutuel Insurance reserves the right to stop offering you APPI.


We will proceed with withdrawing you from the APPI program when your insurance policy is renewed if either of the following criteria have been met on the renewal date: 


a) You have been enrolled in APPI for at least two hundred and seventy (270) days and the number of days between the date of your first trip recorded by APPI and the date of your most recent trip recorded by APPI is less than one hundred and twenty (120) days; or


b) More than ninety (90) days have passed since your most recent trip recorded by APPI.

We can also terminate your APPI participation at any time if you, or any driver, stop meeting the eligibility conditions or contravene these terms of use or the stipulations in your insurance policy.


In all cases of APPI termination, the APPI discount granted during the program will be withdrawn and prorated to the number of days the APPI program was used compared with the duration of your insurance policy.



Promutuel Insurance always reserves the right to change or terminate APPI or to alter these terms of use.


You therefore undertake to consult these terms of use regularly because they may change from time to time and your APPI participation demonstrates your acceptance of all changes to these terms.



You are responsible for updating the APPI application and your phone’s operating system when required to ensure proper operation of the application.


In no way do these terms of use change the terms of use of either the App Store or Google Play.



8.1  Vehicle storage

Please call Promutuel Insurance at 1-8-PROMUTUEL if your vehicle is stored. Discounts do not accumulate and data is not updated for your vehicle during storage.


8.2  Vehicle changes

Please call Promutuel Insurance at 1-8-PROMUTUEL if you change your vehicle.



The APPI application, and APPI application and program names, images, and text are the exclusive property of Promutuel Insurance.


Subject to your compliance with these terms of use, Promutuel Insurance grants you a limited, revocable, non-transferable licence to use the APPI application on your smartphone.


App Store, iOS, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.


Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.



Promutuel Insurance offers no warranties regarding the use of the APPI application, which is offered as is. Promutuel Insurance provides the APPI application with no warranties regarding availability or operation and does not warrant that it is free from errors, bugs, or viruses.


We encourage you to exercise caution and follow traffic laws. The laws in force prohibit smartphone use while driving; make sure you put your phone away before driving and do not use it during the trip.


You undertake to hold Promutuel Insurance harmless from any direct or indirect damage, losses, breakage, claims, or costs arising from your use of a cellphone while driving, in violation of the traffic laws in force.



The installation and use of the APPI application may increase your smartphone’s battery use. Your phone must have enough battery charge to record your driving data.



If you have technical difficulties, feel free to contact Promutuel Insurance at
1 844 770-2774.