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Promutuel Insurance Academy

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Discover the Promutuel Insurance Academy

The Academy provides paid training and ongoing support for two insurance professions: Claims adjuster and Damage insurance agent. 

With our customized 14-week training, we’ll take you THERE: preparatory courses for the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) licence, practical work, job shadowing, listening to calls, and more.

Please note that Academy courses are offered in French only.

Game-changing benefits

Fully paid training, reliable support, a motivating job, good working conditions, great work-life balance, a close-knit team—the Promutuel Insurance Academy opens the door to a meaningful career at a proud local mutual insurance association.


Fast, paid training to help you change careers


Ongoing support during and after your training


A permanent job for a rewarding career

Join a cohort at the Promutuel Insurance Academy

Personal lines

damage insurance agent  

Learn how to recommend the ideal insurance coverage to bring peace of mind to local residents.



Learn to bring clarity to the claims process and help people quickly get back to normal.

The Promutuel Insurance difference

At Promutuel Insurance, our people thrive, in both their careers and their personal lives: Why? Because here they have stimulating challenges, a healthy work-life balance, and colleagues who really care.

These unique strengths grow from the mutual nature of our organization. We are a federation of 13 mutual associations, with about 80 service locations all across Quebec and nearly 2,200 people working as one for our insured members.

Help your mutual grow by serving on the board of directors.

Have questions about the Promutuel Insurance Academy? Or about becoming a claims adjuster or damage insurance agent? Email us at [email protected].