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Insure your home and vehicle to save money and enjoy special benefits.

Up to 10% off

Bundling your home and auto insurance—now that’s truly a winning solution!

Free auto coverage

Proplan is an all-in-one package that provides additional 5-point coverage for vehicles and drivers.

Single deductible

Only one deductible to pay if a claim involves both your home and vehicle.

Conveniently located

Promutuel Insurance has over 100 offices throughout Quebec, including one near you! Our network is your guarantee of attentive, readily available service.

Beacon – Legal assistance and identity theft

Promutuel Insurance provides its home insurance policyholders with a free legal and identity theft assistance program. Lawyers will answer your questions and explain your rights in plain language.

Some conditions, limitations, and exclusions apply. Details on coverage, exclusions, and limitations are provided in the insurance policies and related endorsements.