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As our computer systems are gradually being restored, we are now able to meet our insured members’ needs. Rest assured that we are working tirelessly to ensure all our operations return to normal so we can continue to offer you the quality service you’re used to.

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January 28, 2021 Preauthorized payments to resume February 1

Promutuel Insurance has announced to insured members that preauthorized payments will resume starting February 1, 2021, per the regular schedule in the agreement.

Members should plan on payments being withdrawn from their bank account on the usual date. They can also refer to the schedule attached to their insurance policy to check the dates of upcoming payments.

For further details, please see the press release.

January 15, 2021 Important Update

Following preliminary expert analysis, Promutuel Insurance wishes to inform its insured members that there is so far no reason to believe that members’ social insurance numbers (SINs), driver’s licence numbers, credit card numbers, or other banking details have been compromised.

For further details, please see the press release.

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